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Technologist Recruiting

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Johns Hopkins is hiring for technologists to join our team of expert radiologists, technologists, nurses and patient care coordinators to deliver high-quality imaging and compassionate patient care. Our Department of Radiology encompasses four freestanding imaging centers, two academic hospitals, and two community hospitals performing more than one million exams each year.

You can choose to work in the patient care setting that best suits your career goals. We offer technologist positions in outpatient imaging sites with locations throughout the Baltimore/DC region at Johns Hopkins Medical Imaging. We also have technologist positions at our academic hospitals, including the flagship Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center where a variety of inpatient and outpatient exams are performed.

As part of the Johns Hopkins Healthcare System, you will experience a range of patient demographics and conditions, and work closely with radiologists and other clinicians in providing patient care using the latest equipment, software and protocols.

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This environment is ideal for technologists interested in staying on the cutting-edge of imaging software and protocols, and using evidence-based practices to guide patient care. All of our technologists work with dedicated tech educators for their modality to ensure outstanding standards and high-quality protocol-driven imaging. 

Our practice of team-centered patient care means that you will be collaborating regularly with a group of highly engaged imaging technical educators, nurses, radiologists and other staff. There are dedicated radiology clinical support teams to manage scheduling appointments, equipment maintenance, and other patient care needs. Teaching opportunities are available with our radiology assistants, students from the Schools of Medical Imaging, as well as learning opportunities across modalities for all technologists.

For those interested in pursuing advanced training in MRI, CT, interventional radiology, or mammography, we offer on-the-job training programs where you can maintain full-time salary and benefits while learning on state-of-the-art equipment plus eligibility for obtaining advanced certification . We strive to cultivate a strong learning environment to advance career growth wherever possible.

Join our team to provide clear results and compassionate care to all patients.


Our Culture (Slideshow)

    • The Computed Tomography team at Johns Hopkins is dedicated to providing the best possible images at the lowest possible dose. All technical and patient dose settings are customized for each patient and technologists actively partake in discussions on determining the best protocols for cases. CT opportunities are available at different locations and we offer paid, on-the-job training with full benefits for current x-ray techs interested in working in CT.

      CT Job Duties:

      • Ensuring proper operation of ACR-certified scanners and equipment.
      • Positioning patients and answering any questions about their scan.
      • Administering contrast and monitoring for reaction.
      • Documenting patient care into the electronic database and updating patient medical records as needed.
    • At Johns Hopkins Radiology, MRI technologists not only ensure the proper positioning and scanning of patients, they have the opportunity to work on committees around quality improvement, learn new software, test new equipment, and participate in research studies beyond the daily clinical care. Our on-the-ground leadership team recognize the importance of support and clear communication with all members of the staff despite the wide range of scanners and equipment on the Johns Hopkins campus.

      As part of Johns Hopkins wide array of MRI scanners, technologists will find that it provides a uniquely flexible environment with the chance to change shifts, primary locations, and experience new patient demographics while maintaining existing benefits within the Johns Hopkins Health Care system.

      We are currently hiring for full-time MRI technologists as well as accepting inquiries about the on-the-job full-time training program available for those interested in making the step from x-ray to MRI.

      MRI Job Duties:

      • Transfers, positions, and instructs patients regarding the procedure to obtain and effect the desired radiographic diagnostic results as specified by the physician.
      • Ensures patients are free of objects that may interfere with the procedure.
      • Enters patient data at start of examination and monitors data acquisition during procedure.
      • Operates control console for each patient's scan, including selection of proper imaging techniques; operates various peripheral hardware.
      • Performs other duties as assigned.
      • Perform highly specialized MR Protocols on state of the art MRI equipment
      • Work with a team of highly skilled and professional MRI technologists
      • Collaborate with Radiologists to obtain exceptional image quality
      • Ensure patient and staff safety in MRI Environment

    • The breast imaging team at Johns Hopkins Radiology is highly collaborative with both the technologists and the radiologists. They prioritize the need to ensure a safe environment for both the technologist and patient in order to establish a trusting relationship. The leadership likewise reflects this collaborative nature and is open to feedback from all levels of staff.

      Mammography Job Duties:

      • Reviews mammography requisition and computer exam forms to determine the type of exam required.
      • Accurately positions patients, determines the exposure factors and operates mammography equipment to obtain a high-quality image.
      • Reviews processed image to determine quality and the need for additional images.
      • Educates patients regarding procedures, equipment and the exam to ensure understanding and cooperation.
      • Ensure patients' safety and comfort during and after the exam.
      • Acquires, archives, transmits, and prints images via CAD and PACS.
      • Understand the proper function of equipment
      • Ensures exam rooms are adequately supplied with linen and related medical supplies.

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