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Welcome to the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Zayed & Bloomberg Building

The Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care is committed to superb patient care and cutting edge research. Our goals are to improve the health of our own patients, but also of the patients whom we will never meet. We do this by teaching other care-givers and advancing the state of medical knowledge.

Hopkins Pulmonary and Critical Care includes over 70 full-time faculty as well as part-time clinical faculty. We hold clinical and research expertise in a broad range of diseases including asthma, COPD, critical care, cystic fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, lung cancer, lung transplantation, neuromuscular disease, pulmonary hypertension, sarcoidosis, and sleep medicine. For over 60 years, we have remained at the vanguard of our field, and train leaders in medical care, research, and policy. We hope this web site will answer some of your questions, but please contact us if you would like more information.

Nadia N. Hansel, MD, MPH

Division Director, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Our mission is to:

  • Provide state-of-the-art patient care of the highest quality and compassion.
  • Advance this state of the art through biomedical research.
  • Teach fellows, residents, and other trainees the knowledge and skills they will need to sustain this mission into the future.

We fulfill this mission through our care of patients across the spectrum of illness from outpatients to the critically ill, whose problems inspire our research efforts and whose experiences serve as our classroom.


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