Tobacco Treatment & Cancer Screening Clinic

Tobacco Treatment Clinic

The Johns Hopkins Tobacco Treatment and Cancer Screening Clinic was established in 2018. The center is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of nurses, physicians and a certified tobacco treatment specialist. We evaluate patient’s smoking topography, understanding that tobacco dependence will be treated as any other medical condition that needs to be controlled. At our practice, we provide support, an encouraging environment, and a team to help assure treatment and strategies are affective, without any fear or guilt placed on the patient.

Personalized (and Personal) Approach

We aim to provide a smoking cessation plan that meets the patient’s individualized needs, with reasonable goals and expectations. We attempt to find the most successful combination of treatments in order to assure a successful and sustainable smoking cessation. Further, we provide additional community resources to allow for patients to continue their strategies beyond the clinic.

Cancer Screening

Given smoking impacts many cancers, either as a cause or an association, we provide same day lung cancer screenings and/or mammograms for patients who qualify. Our goal is to assure as persons quit smoking, they are able to achieve the health status they desire, which includes assuring proper cancer screenings.

Our Physicians and Experts

Scheduling an Appointment

Clinic Hours: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Mondays
Telephone: 410-550-5864 (New Patients)                                                                                  Telephone: 410-550-2304 (Current Patients at the Johns Hopkins Health System)

Fax: 410-550-2550
Email: [email protected]


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When visiting the clinic, please be prepared to discuss the type of tobacco you use, prior quit attempts, current motivation, and any family or friends you wish to be a part of your care.