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Specialty Pharmacy Services

In addition to high-quality service for individual prescription needs, the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy Team has expertise in a variety of specialty areas including: Oncology, HIV, Pain Management and Solid Organ Transplant. Our pharmacies offer a complete inventory of standard, specialty, and over-the-counter medications. For your convenience, medications can be ready upon discharge or following an outpatient visit. View the Johns Hopkins Specialty Pharmacy Patient Welcome Packet.

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The Johns Hopkins Specialty Pharmacy focuses on treating the complex conditions listed below. Click on the links below for information about these conditions:

About Our Services

The Specialty Pharmacy Team is devoted to helping patients with their specialty medicines. Our clinical coordinator pharmacists are Doctors of Pharmacy. They serve as medicine experts.

Our specialty pharmacy technicians process prescriptions. They get insurance approval. They contact patients and prescribers. Our team links care between the patient, prescriber, pharmacist, and insurance company. We make sure that all the paperwork is complete to get patients’ medicines. The team serves as a resource for your pharmacy benefit insurance needs. The team will work with you if you would like your medicines delivered. We will include any necessary supplies, as needed. You may ask for an interpreter if English is not your primary language. Other resources are available if you are deaf or hearing impaired. More information about our team members and services is listed below.

Who's Who

Clinical Coordinator Pharmacist
  • Teaches about medicine side effects, interactions, and monitoring
  • Checks side effects, interactions, and outcomes of the medicines
  • Answers your questions before, during, and after treatment
  • Monitors labs for authorization purposes
Specialty Pharmacy Technician
  • Collects patient data
  • Helps you with refills before you run out
  • Helps with medicine deliveries
Prior Authorization Specialist
  • Works with doctors and insurance companies to make sure medicines are approved for the entire treatment time
Patient Assistance Program Specialist
  • Finds additional support for medicines that are expensive to allow patients to take needed medicines

URAC Accredited


URAC accreditation shows a commitment to quality health care, measured against national standards by a diverse group of industry stakeholders.

This accreditation is given after a strict evaluation by an independent accrediting body and demonstrates the Johns Hopkins Specialty Pharmacies' commitment to safe patient outcomes.


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Flu Vaccines Available
Flu vaccines are available in select Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy locations for patients, caregivers, and family members.

Medication Access List
You are eligible for the 30-day or  90-day $18 medication access list if you are a patient of Johns Hopkins Medicine and do not have insurance.

Pharmacy Residency Programs
Johns Hopkins Home Care Group offers a PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency and a combined PGY1 Community/PGY2 Health System Pharmacy Administration Residency with M.B.A./M.S.

Employee Workplace Delivery
For Johns Hopkins employees, we offer a convenient employee delivery service that will bring your medications right to your work area.