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The surgeons of Johns Hopkins Head and Neck Cancer Surgery are at the leading edge of head and neck cancer treatment. You will benefit from the skilled care of head and neck surgeons, guiding clinical advancements in the field of head and neck cancer care.

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Why Choose Johns Hopkins for Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

Advanced Research

Through ongoing research and clinical trials, Johns Hopkins continues to develop new advancements to detect, treat and prevent head and neck cancers.

A Holistic Approach

We work with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan that will ensure care from your diagnosis to your post-treatment surveillance.

Personalized Care

You can benefit from an individualized approach through the full array of medical and surgical methods we work with to address tumors.

Surgical Expertise

We offer transoral robotic surgery (TORS), a scarless option and minimally invasive technique that makes it possible to access hard to reach tumors.

Patient Stories

Learn how Johns Hopkins specialists helped patients survive head and neck cancers.

Head and Neck Cancer: Sam’s Road to Recovery

Making a Clear-Cut Treatment Decision for Head and Neck Cancer

Prepare for Your Appointment

Plan for your appointment and learn more about head and neck cancer surgery.

A Joint Effort

We work together in a multidisciplinary approach to provide the highest quality treatment.

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Pediatric Head and Neck Cancer Care

The Johns Hopkins pediatric otolaryngology experts treat a variety of cancers affecting the head and neck in children.

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Locations for Care

To request an appointment at one of our four Johns Hopkins Head and Neck Cancer Surgery locations, please call 443-997-6467.