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Dance Medicine

The Dance Medicine team

Dance medicine has a unique role in the sports medicine community. Performing artists require an enormous amount of athleticism, which makes dancers susceptible to distinct injuries in comparison to those in other sports — specifically those that are field- or court-based.

Therefore, the treatment of dancers requires a familiarity with their needs and an extensive knowledge of the culture and demands of their sport to properly diagnose injuries and return athletes quickly and safely to activity.

Primary Care Sports Medicine for Dancers

A specialist in primary care sports medicine, Raj Deu, M.D., has a specific interest in helping performing artists with dance injuries and has cared for artists affiliated with the University of the Arts, The Rock School for Dance Education, the Pennsylvania Ballet and the Walnut Street Theater. He also collaborates with Johns Hopkins physical therapists to conduct research in dance medicine, helping to identify methods of injury prevention specific to the sport.

Physical Therapy for Dancers

Performing arts therapists directing a dancer to the right position

Our performing arts physical therapy team at Johns Hopkins provides treatment for dancers by dancers and offers an impressive array of experience and expertise in performing arts.

Patients who come to this program often find comfort in the fact that the physical therapists are also performing artists. “If they complain of pain with a plie, and I ask if it’s with grand plie or demi plie, their eyes light up,” explains performing arts physical therapist Amanda Greene. “They know that I speak their language and that I’m going to help.”

Read more about how Johns Hopkins physical therapists work with performing artists.

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On-site Screenings and Seminars

In addition to in-office injury consultations, we offer on-site injury screenings and educational seminars to help raise awareness about the injuries and issues that are specific to female performing artists. As dance medicine is a cutting-edge field, our experts continue to collaborate with local dance organizations to help identify and address the medical needs in this unique community.

Dance Injuries Webinar

Dance Injuries: Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention | Webinar

Sports medicine specialist Raj Deu and performing arts physical therapists Andrea Lasner and Amanda Greene discuss dance injuries, treatments and the preventative measures dancers can take to stay at the top of their performance.

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