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Rehabilitation Psychology and Neuropsychology

Johns Hopkins rehabilitation psychologists and neuropsychologists help patients and families understand and manage physical, cognitive, behavioral and emotional problems related to living with or recovering from an injury or illness.

Rehabilitation Psychology and Neuropsychology: Why Choose Johns Hopkins

  • Our rehabilitation psychologists and neuropsychologists coordinate treatments with rehabilitation physicians and therapists, as well as with your other specialists within and outside of Johns Hopkins.
  • We recognize and treat many health conditions — our experts listen to you and take time to understand your individual concerns and symptoms.
  • We approach care using a strengths-based approach — we recognize your current strengths and assets and integrate them into your care plan.
  • Our goal is to work with you and your family to help improve functioning and reduce the negative impact of injury or illness on your quality of life.
  • To achieve this goal, our team uses assessments and interventions based on the latest scientific evidence and research.

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Our Specialty Areas

Rehabilitation psychologists and neuropsychologists are involved with several rehabilitation programs in the Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network. Most frequently, we work with patients who come to us for:

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Cope with a new diagnosis, disability or changes in functioning
  • Manage difficulties with chronic pain, sleep disturbance, fatigue, bowel/bladder issues, sexuality or intimacy
  • Understand and treat problems with thinking, memory, attention, language processing, reasoning and executive function
  • Become more active and involved in your daily activities
  • Improve your sense of control and confidence in managing your condition
  • Deal with psychological distress, including depression, anxiety, mood problems and PTSD

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