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Women's Sports Medicine Services

girls playing soccer

The Women’s Sports Medicine Program at Johns Hopkins was designed to support and care for female athletes of all ages and levels of performance. Our team of multidisciplinary experts provides a wide range of health care services and collaborates to design care and treatment plans specific to each patient based on her individual needs and goals.

Our “whole body” approach to care means that whether you are struggling with nutrition, want to learn more about preventative measures or are dealing with a specific injury, we have an expert or experts to help.

Program Components

The Women’s Sports Medicine Program at Johns Hopkins was created to provide the growing number of elite female athletes with comprehensive, coordinated care from sports medicine experts who understand the unique needs of women in sports. We provide:

  • Support of female athletes through preseason screenings and injury prevention programs
  • Research to further the understanding of how to better diagnose, treat and prevent injuries in female athletes
  • Access to leading sports medicine experts, each with a special interest in treating female athletes and experience in treating athletes in female-specific sports
  • Education to raise awareness about the injuries and issues that specifically affect female athletes (for coaches, athletes and other physicians)
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