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Minimally Invasive Supra-Orbital “Eyebrow” Craniotomy

What is an "eyebrow" craniotomy?

Supra-orbital craniotomy (often called "eyebrow" craniotomy) is a procedure used to remove brain tumors. In this procedure, neurosurgeons make a small incision within the eyebrow to access tumors in the front of the brain or around the pituitary gland. This approach is used instead of endonasal endoscopic surgery when a tumor is very large or close to the optic nerves or vital arteries.

Benefits of supra-orbital “eyebrow” craniotomy:

Supra-orbital “eyebrow” craniotomy results in:

  • Less pain than open craniotomy
  • Faster recovery than open craniotomy
  • Minimal scarring

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Types of brain tumors treated with "eyebrow" craniotomy:

The supra-orbital craniotomy is one of many treatment options for brain tumors. It may be performed for the following types of brain tumors:

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