Shared Resources


The Shared Resources of the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center (SKCCC) are designed to provide access to affordable, state-of-the art technology to facilitate cutting edge research to enhance the laboratory, translational, and clinical missions of the SKCCC. These Shared Resources are unique areas for specialized research projects, education, training, and guidance.

The Goals

The overarching goals of the SKCCC Shared Resources (SRs) are to provide the necessary advanced technologies, expertise, and training to Cancer Center members that allow for rapid progress in discovery, innovation, and implementation of groundbreaking advances, improving our understanding of cancer and increasing the successful treatment of disease.

Each Shared Resource is designed to maximize the information provided by the SR by:

  • Offering access to state-of-the-art equipment and technologies proactively supporting interactions between Cancer Center faculty.
  • Recommending educational tools to enhance the design and execution of experimental protocols or studies.

The SRs are essential in generating key data for external funding and the publication of high impact studies.
The SKCCC Shared Resources are directed by Robert A. Casero, Jr., Ph.D., Associate Director (AD). 

Making Essential Resources Available

Robert Casero Jr, PhD, Associate Director, Shared Resources, explains how our program provides access to the latest technology for innovative research in basic science, genetics, and clinical oncology, efficiently and affordably.

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