Flow/Mass Cytometry and Technology Development SR

Flow-Mass Cytometry machine

Flow/Mass Cytometry and Technology Development SR (FCTDC) provides state-of-the-art cell sorting and analysis services to SKCCC members. There is significant emphasis aimed at applications using high parameter flow/mass cytometry, cell separation and in developing novel technologies to accelerate high-throughput studies of the immune response to cancer, the tumor microenvironment (TME) and the monitoring of immunotherapy treatments in cancer patients. This resource serves both the preclinical and clinical needs of the Center and offers both user accessible instrumentation and training, as well as high-end technical expertise to provide state of the art flow/mass cytometry, cell sorting and analysis.

Hours of Operations

10 am - 6 pm


Franck Housseau, Ph.D.
M. Victor Lemas, Ph.D.
Won Jin Ho, Ph.D.