Cancer Functional Imaging SR

PET MR Scanner

The Cancer Functional Imaging Shared Resource overall purpose is to facilitate and integrate the use of preclinical imaging into cancer research. It offers comprehensive preclinical molecular and functional imaging infrastructure and expertise in multi-modality imaging of cancer to support the preclinical imaging research needs of SKCCC members. It provides molecular and functional preclinical imaging services to SKCCC members in the applications of preclinical MR, PET, CT/SPECT, PET-MR, optical and ultrasound imaging. Outreach programs such as training workshops, seminars and lectures, assist investigators in the use of imaging technologies and guide them in identifying and using the most relevant imaging technology for their research. The diversity of visual, spatial, structural, and functional information that has to be acquired, processed, and presented for the purpose of understanding the commonality between them, present unique challenges. With the strong interest in artificial intelligence, computational analysis of images becomes even more relevant. This Shared Resource also is available to assist and develop new concepts in probe and equipment design, image analysis and visualization.

Hours of Operations

9 am - 5 pm


Director: Zaver Bhujwalla, M.Sc., PhD.