Support & Services

Support for Our Patients

Treating cancer means more than just choosing the right therapy. Cancer impacts the entire family. Support for our patients reaches far beyond the halls of our hospital. Through the Hopkins team approach, we provide access to:

Patient Navigator Role

The Adolescent and Young Adult Patient Navigation Program (AYA) at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center is sponsored in partnership with the Ulman Cancer Fund (UCF).The navigation services, provided by Alexandra Gubin, MSW, a clinical social worker, will address the psychosocial needs of adolescents and young adults with cancer by educating them to make informed decisions about their treatment options and by offering individual and group support, and connecting them to financial, psychosocial, practical, and educational resources. Learn more.

Educational Group

Parents Lunch & Learn

This group meets the 1st Tuesday of each month and is led by nursing staff in collaboration with guest presenters from nursing, social work and other disciplines. Parents, caregivers and young adults meet with staff to learn about a variety of topics related to a patient’s treatment and caregiving.  Past presentations include: caring for your child, teen, or young adult with cancer, reading a ‘road map’ i.e. the clinical plan, medications, preventing infections, late effects of treatment, cancer’s effect on siblings/family, etc. Lunch is provided. For further information call: 410-955-4224 or 410-955-8124.

Support Groups

Social Work staff links families to resources in the community that provides educational and supportive programs for patients and caregivers whose children are being treated for cancer. Topics vary. See your Pediatric Oncology social worker for more details.

Grief & Bereavement Group

Bereavement resources are available for families’ experiencing the death of a child, teen, or young adult. The bereavement coordinator and social work staff provides bereavement support to families anticipating their child's death and is available for follow-up support after. Family bereavement group sessions are held in the hospital throughout the year and is facilitated by Child Life staff. For further information call: 410-614-4750. See your Pediatric Oncology social worker for bereavement resources in the community that are also available.

Spiritual Support

Spiritual Support is offered at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Whether you are newly diagnosed or in remission, we understand that you may struggle to understand why this has happened to you, feelings of guilt, anger, grief, or isolation from your faith community. Beyond the support of our chaplaincy, which provides pastoral and spiritual care in a non-denominational setting, a non-denominational chapel is located on the first floor near the Children's Center lobby and a private meditation room in the lobby of the Weinberg Building are open to patients and families 24-hours a day. To make an appointment with a chaplain, call the Department of Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy at 410-955-5842.

Other Important Support Services

Image Recovery

Sometimes cancer treatments can change patients’ appearances and make them feel uncomfortable or just not themselves. Changes such as hair loss or scars are the most common. The Image Recovery Center, located onsite at the Kimmel Cancer Center, sells a host of items, from trendy scarves, hats and stylish wigs, to skin creams, nail polishes, makeup, and other products safe for cancer patients to use. Trained experts guide and instruct patients on how to use and apply the products. 410-502-5623

International Relations

We speak your language. Johns Hopkins International Patient Services has regional divisions with professional interpreters, natives of every region of the world, trained to interpret in the medical setting. Interpreters in more than 30 languages are available around the clock to assist you and your family before traveling to Baltimore, during medical appointments, and to make any arrangements related to your visit.; 410-955-8032


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