The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children's Center Building

The Division of Pediatric Oncology at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center

Charlotte R. Bloomberg

Pediatric oncology is located on the 11th floor of The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children's Center building. On this floor, our inpatient and outpatient treatment areas are immediately adjacent to each other. Every child staying overnight has a private room, with a sleep sofa to accommodate parents. Our pediatric patients and their families can enjoy meals on demand, a food court offering selections for all different tastes and in-room video gaming. Patients of all sizes have been enjoying the two-story indoor play area on the same floor as our pediatric oncology units, where pediatric patients can hula hoop, play basketball or get creative with arts and crafts. 

Connecting Cancer Care for Children

For children with cancer, continuity of care is essential. That was the response of Pediatric Oncology Director Donald Small and his staff when asked years ago for input on the design of the new Bloomberg building and its pediatric oncology inpatient unit. So rather than just build an inpatient unit, why not add an adjacent pediatric oncology outpatient unit?

“From the point of view of our patients and their families, as well as our physicians, fellows, nurses and other staff, the improvement in continuity of care would be tremendous,” Small said at the time. 

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State-of-the-Art Pediatric Cancer Facilities

Pediatric Oncology is part of the new $1.3 billion, 12-story Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center building, one of the most technologically advanced and comprehensive children’s hospitals in the world. Pediatric oncology offers the most sophisticated cancer care available today. Advances are built upon the discoveries of Johns Hopkins scientists, who cracked the genetic code for cancer, deciphering the genome of more cancer types than any other research team in the world, and these discoveries have been used to revolutionize pediatric cancer care through targeted and individualized diagnostics and therapeutics. These kinds of scientific advances set Johns Hopkins apart from other cancer centers, but the facilities that allow us to deliver this care in a welcoming and family friendly environment also make us unique.  

The pediatric oncology unit has separate but adjacent inpatient and outpatient units designed to provide seamless continuity of care. Spacious private inpatient rooms with in-room sleeper sofas for parents, separate playrooms and lounges for children and teens, showers, laundry services, 24-hour food service, a pharmacy, abundant private outpatient exam rooms, and an open and naturally-lit, two-story infusion area are among the many amenities

National Cancer Institute designation as a comprehensive cancer center is the gold standard for cancer hospitals, and Johns Hopkins is the only one that has earned this designation in Maryland and one of just 68 in the U.S.  In addition, it is the only children’s cancer program in the region with specially trained pediatric oncology nurses and a dedicated pediatric-specific radiation oncology clinic. There is no wait or delay for new patients to be seen. Patients are seen the same day they are referred from a pediatrician, and our pediatric oncologists work with the referring physician to ensure coordination of care.