Patient Information

Caring For Your Children

Some of the scariest words a parent can hear are, "Your child has cancer." Some of the most reassuring are, "You're going to Johns Hopkins."

nurses in front of pediatric oncology signage wall

Our physicians are worldwide leaders in the fight against childhood cancer. At Johns Hopkins, your child will receive state-of-the-art treatment based on cutting-edge research. You can be sure you have made the right medical choice.

How do we do it?

We are motivated by each and every child we meet. The cure rate for childhood cancer is growing, but even one child is one too many. We are strengthened by our many donors who have made Pediatric Oncology their mission and their passion, knowing that at Johns Hopkins their dollars will have the greatest impact on a cure. And we are inspired by the courage of our patients and the families who have chosen to entrust their children to our care.

Services and Programs

At the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, Pediatric Oncology division we feel it is important that the more patients know about their child's cancer and its treatment, the more equipped they are to actively participate in their care.   So, we have created many services and programs to help you during this time. Read more about:

Specialized Clinical Programs

The pediatric oncology division at the Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center specializes in many different clinical programs. Explore what each program offers and provides in each of these sections: