Image Recovery Center


Operated by Image Recovery Centers, the program offers services ranging from our complete line of wigs and custom-made wigs in many styles, hats, scarves, pre- and postsurgical prosthesis and reconstruction products for breast cancer patients, skin and hand care products, cosmetologists and compression sleeves and stockings.

Walk-ins Welcome

Location: Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Building, First Floor, Outpatient Waiting Area

Phone: 410-502-5623

Our Mission

Image Recovery is a program founded with a sincere desire to help individuals of all ages whose appearance and self-esteem are affected while undergoing treatment from illness such as cancer. Our mission is to offer patients education, choices, and caring support during a difficulty time in their lives. Everyday we touch someone's life and offer a special kind of support. We consider that a special privilege and one we take very seriously.

Personal Experience

As a young child Marianne Kelly witnessed the horror of losing a sibling to leukemia. In 1976, cancer struck again when her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. In 1987, Marianne herself was diagnosed with a noncancerous brain tumor and suffered the physical devastation of brain surgery. She has combined these real life experiences with her aesthetic expertise to provide the most comprehensive image rehabilitation program for cancer patients and others who have been traumatized by illness or accident.

Understanding the Program and Services

Many of the treatments for cancer may cause temporary or permanent physical changes, that, along with diagnosis, have the potential to alter body image and a sense of well being. The Image Recover Center has been designed to help women, men, and children improve their appearance during and after cancer therapy.

While modern medicine works to heal you on the inside, we have assembled the most comprehensive program to educate and assist you with issues related to appearance. At a single convenient location, we offer information, appropriate products, tools, and hands-on instruction to support you during the various phases of your recovery. Working in collaboration with your medical providers, we develop an individual appearance enhancement plan to assist you through any visible changes which may occur. By relieving your anxiety and concerns related to appearance, you are able to focus on wellness during your recovery.