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Preparing for Surgery

Informed Consent

When you are evaluated for your surgery in the clinic, the surgeon will explain the procedure and have you sign a consent form. If the surgeon feels you will benefit from an evaluation with the anesthesiologist ahead of time, it will be arranged before your surgery. Otherwise, you will meet the anesthesiologist in the Ambulatory Surgery Unit just before surgery.

Pre-Admission Testing (Four Weeks Before Surgery)

You must be seen by your primary doctor, by one of our medical doctors, or in our Preoperative Evaluation Center (PEC) within 30 days of surgery to determine if you are medically ready to have joint replacement surgery. Patients who have certain medical conditions also may need to be seen by a specialist before their surgery. For instance, the primary care doctor may refer you to a cardiologist if you have a history of heart disease. The anesthesiologist also will review your medical information to clear you for anesthesia during surgery. If you have any infection (uninary, skin, sinusitis, etc.), these will need to be treated before surgery. You must be off antibiotics for two full weeks before surgery.

Pre-Operative Home Evaluations

Some orthopaedic procedures require you to make changes in your home. These changes are meant to make your home a safe environment when you return home from the hospital.

Advance Directives

Advance directives tell us your decision regarding your acceptance or refusal of life sustaining medical treatment. You will be given a packet when you arrive in the Ambulatory Surgical Unit and questioned about your decision.

If you have advance directives or a MOLST (Maryland Order for Life Sustaining Treatment), please give a copy to your nurse on the day of surgery.

48 Hours Before Surgery

The nurse from the Ambulatory Surgery Unit (ASU) will contact you two days before surgery to advise you of the following:

  • What time to arrive at the hospital
  • When to stop eating and drinking
  • What medicines may be taken
  • What paper work to bring with you

You will be asked to bring a picture ID and your insurance cards.

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