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Providers and researchers within the Division of Chemical Dependence focus on several areas of research, including:

  • Criminal charges and outcomes of patients entering office-based buprenorphine maintenance therapy
  • Initial program and treatment outcomes in a community-based buprenorphine program
  • Twenty year follow-up of patient cohort with chemical dependence-Is hepatitis C infection a predictor of mortality (BEAD)
  • Stability of buprenorphine, norbuprenorphine and their glucuronide conjugates in authentic human urine samples
  • The Therapeutic Workplace: A smoking sessation intervention for low income adults
  • Changing epidemiology of substance abuse medical morbidities

Recent Publications

  • Everly J, DeFulio A, Donlin W, Aklin W, Umbricht A, Fingerhood M, Bigelow. Depot Naltrexone Treatment in Unemployed Opiate-Dependent Adults G, Silverman K. Employment-Based Reinforcement of Adherence. Addiction 2011: pending publication.
  • Rastegar DA, Bertram A, Sisson SD. Use of an internet-based curriculum to teach internal medicine residents about addiction. J Addict Med 2010;4:233-5.
  • Gordon AJ, Kunins HV, Rastegar DA, Tetrault JM, Walley AY. Update in addiction medicine for the generalist. J Gen Intern Med 2011;26:77-82.
  • Koffarnus M, Wong C, Diemer K, Needham M, Hampton J, Fingerhood M, Svikis D, Bigelow G, Silverman K. A Therapeutic Workplace for Chronically Unemployed Homeless Alcohol Dependent Adults. Alcohol and Alcoholism 2011: pending publication.

Recent Presentations

Dr. Rastegar

  • ASAM Annual Conference 2010, San Francisco, CA-Integration of Buprenorphine Treatment into HIV Primary Care (Workshop Faculty)
  • SGIM Annual Meeting 2010, Minneapolis, MN- Update in Addiction Medicine for the Generalist
  • ASAM 2011 Annual Medical-Scientific Conference, Washington, DC- Development and Evaluation of Addiction Training in Residency Training Programs

Dr. Martin

  • 1st World Congress on Ultrasound in Medical Education 2011, Columbia, South Carolina. Hand-Carried Ultrasound Performed by Hospitalists: Does it Add to the Accuracy of the Cardiac Physical Examination.

Dr. Fingerhood

  • ASAM 2010 Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA- Symposium organizer -“Addiction in Women”
  • NIDA CTN Regional Conference 2010-“Medication Treatments for Drug Dependence”
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine- Current Topics in Geriatrics 2011- “Now a Problem amongst Seniors: Valuable Insight into HIV”
  • ASAM 2011 Annual Conference, Washington, DC- Symposium organizer- “Prescription Drug Abuse”