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Preparing for Surgery

Your Hospital Stay

Your hospital stay is dependent on many factors. Length of stay may not be the same for every patient. If you're having a laparoscopic (minimally invasive) procedure, you generally can expect to be in the hospital for one day. If you're having an open procedure (one involving making an incision in the abdomen), you generally can expect to be in the hospital for two to three days.

Items you should bring with you to the hospital include:

  • A small overnight bag with toiletries (toothbrush, glasses, etc.)

  • CPAP machine (if you have sleep apnea)

  • Insurance cards

  • List of current medications and doses

  • Photo ID

On the day of your scheduled surgery, you will arrive in the pre-operative area (ASU) where you will prepare for surgery. You will be transferred to the operating room (OR), then to the recovery area (PACU). From there, you will be admitted to a regular room on the sixth floor of the hospital.

Post-Operative Activity

Early ambulation (movement) is very important to prevent blood clots, pneumonia and your overall recovery process. You will be getting out of bed on the day of your surgery. The goal is that you spend more time out of bed than in bed.

To prevent blood clots, compression stockings are placed around your legs. A pump, attached to the stockings, inflates from time to time to provide gentle pressure on the legs to help circulation. It also is important to move your legs and do ankle twists when you are in bed, or sitting in a chair.

Breathing Exercises

You will be provided an incentive spirometer, a device to help you take deep breaths. Deep breathing exercises are very important to prevent congestion and pneumonia.

If you use CPAP, bring your machine with you to the Medical Center. Make sure you mark the machine with your name and phone number.

Pain Control

We are committed to making you as comfortable as possible after surgery. You will be sore for the first few days, but with each day, the soreness will decrease.

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