As the birthplace of academic pediatrics in the United States more than a century ago, the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center has been leading the innovations, discoveries and collaboration that provide hope of the promise of medicine for children. Our goal is to fulfill one of the most basic tenets of medicine: to treat the child with the disease, not the disease in the child.


Targeting Leukemia
Pediatric leukemia program director Pat Brown discusses his path to pediatric oncology, the nature of leukemia and the need to develop molecularly targeted therapies.


Profile: Pediatric Neurologist Tom Crawford
Tom Crawford reflects on a 30-year career treating patients with spinal muscular atrophy and helping to develop novel new therapies that dramatically alter the course of the disease.

Children Living in Poverty

Tina Cheng and her team are working on ways to develop and test programs to interrupt the intergenerational cycle of disadvantage.

Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Infants

David Hackam and his team look for new ways to prevent necrotizing enterocolitis, the leading cause of death from gastrointestinal disease in premature infants.