Pediatric Grand Rounds

Ongoing Education Opportunities

We invite you to our Pediatric Grand Rounds for community clinicians and faculty members. The next event is highlighted below. Virtual Grand Rounds that take place on Zoom can be accessed afterward in the YouTube link in the column on the far right. Prior to that, an online catalog of past Grand Rounds is available (a Johns Hopkins ID and password are required). View last academic year's virtual Grand Rounds here.

Please check back for updates, and contact Kathy Mainhart at [email protected] with questions.

Date Time Location Speaker Topic/Division YouTube Link
9/11/23 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Margaret Moon and Dr. David Hackam The State of the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Watch
9/18/23 Noon  Zoom Meeting Dr. J. Michael Collaco Explorations of Dinosaur Respirology Watch
9/25/23 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Jessica Nance, Dr. Thomas Crawford and Dr. Christopher Gamper The Promise and Peril of Novel Genetic Therapies
10/2/23 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr.  Risa Wolf and Dr. Sheela Magge Using AI Technology to Reduce Health Disparities in Pediatric Diabetes Watch
10/9/23 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Mary Leppert  Addressing Developmental and Behavioral Disorders in Early Childhood Watch
10/16/23 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Margaret Moon The IRB, Ethics and Protection of Human Subjects:  Understanding the Process Watch 
10/23/23 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Kelly Han Cardiovascular CT imaging in Congenital Heart Disease Perspectives on a Personal and Professional Journey Watch
10/30/23 Noon Chevy Chase Auditorium and Zoom Meeting  Dr. Justin T. Tretter Personalized Surgical Planning for Aortic-Valve Sparing Operations: From Bench to Bedside Watch
11/6/23 Noon Chevy Chase Auditorium and Zoom Meeting Idoreyin Montague Memorial Grand Rounds:
Dr. Ben Oldfield 
Meeting Patients Where They Are: Integrating Care for HIV and Substance Use  Watch
11/13/23 Noon Chevy Chase Auditorium and Zoom Meeting Coopersmith Professorship: 
Dr. Leslie Raffini
 What’s New in Treating and Preventing Thrombosis in Children Watch
11/20/23 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Olle ten Cate  Entrustable Professional Activities Within a New View on Medical Competence Watch
11/27/23 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Tony Sochet  Hospital-Acquired Venous Thromboembolism Risk and Prevention in Pediatric Critical Illness
12/4/23 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Jennifer Anders and  Dr. Leticia Ryan No Vacancies: Pediatric Hospital Capacity from a State-Wide Perspective
12/11/23 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Mara Rosner Fetal Therapy: Then and Now Watch 
12/18/23 Noon Schaffer Auditorium and Zoom Meeting Dr. Joy Wan Scratching Below the Surface: The Psychosocial Impact of Eczema in Children Watch
1/8/24 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. John Morrison Pediatric Tracheostomy-Associated Respiratory Infections: From Bench to Bedside and Back   
1/22/24 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Ann Scheimann  Pearls of Pediatric Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Watch
1/29/24  Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Irene Mathieu & so to Tenderness I Add My Action Watch 
2/5/24 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Debra Mathews  Emerging Tech Governance: The Opportunities and Challenges of AI in Medicine  
2/12/24 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Darrell Kotton Pluripotent Stem Cells to Model and Treat Lung Disease Watch
2/26/24 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Sarah Ehrenberg Evaluation of Acute Hematogenous Osteomyelitis in Children Watch 
3/4/24  Noon Zoom Meeting Drs. Laura Smals-Murphy and Nancy Murphy Children with Medical Complexity: Who They Are, What Do They Need and How Can We Help? Watch 
3/11/24  Noon Zoom Meeting  Dr. Giulia Benedetti The 18 Annual Adelyn Stroup Lectureship: Turning Waves into Wisdom: EEG in Pediatric Critical Care Watch 
3/18/24 Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Sara Mixter  Launching PC3 : The Evolution of Complex Care at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center Watch 
4/1/24  Noon Zoom Meeting Dr. Maria Fraga   Point of Care Ultrasound in Neonatal Practice  Watch 
4/8/24  Noon Chevy Chase Auditorium (preferred) and Zoom Meeting Dr. Abby Nerlinger  The Evan Frankel Lecture:  A Value Framework for Achieving Environmental Equity Watch 
4/15/24  Noon Zoom Meeting  Dr. Barry Markovitz and Ann Schrooten, JD The Robby Hutton Lecture in Pediatric Palliative Care: Shared Struggles: Stories from Parents and Pediatricians Caring for Children With Serious Illnesses: The Grand Rounds Edition  Watch 
4/22/24 Noon  Zoom Meeting   Dr. Gilda Barabino Inclusive Medicine: Engineering Approaches to Health Inequities Watch 
4/29/24  Noon Zoom Meeting    Dr. Marisol Betensky Identification of Clinical and Laboratory-Based Risk Factors for Pediatric Venous Thromboembolism Complications  Watch 
5/13/24  Noon Chevy Chase Auditorium (preferred) and Zoom Meeting Dr. Cathy Parrish  3rd Annual Willard E. Standiford, M.D. Memorial Grand Rounds: My Journey in Pediatrics: Lessons Learned Along the Way Watch
5/20/24  Noon  Zoom Meeting     Drs. Scott Blackman, Malinda Wu, Victoria Huang, Srishti Jayakumar and Sarven Sabunciyan Pediatric Scientific Abstracts  Watch 
6/3/2024 Noon Zoom Meeting    Schwentker Award Presentation (For Excellence in Research by Pediatric Residents and Fellows)   
6/10/2024  Noon Zoom Meeting  


Love Fest (Annual End of Year presentations and awards)