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Our Team

Allison Baker, Executive Director of Development, 410-361-6396, [email protected] 

Chelsea Kirk, Director of Development, 410-361-6476, [email protected] 

Ashley Ostrega, Senior Associate Director of Development, 410-361-6397, [email protected] 

Paula Shell, Administrative Supervisor, 410-361-6491, [email protected] 

Michael Cheslock, Associate Director of Development, 410-361-7864, [email protected] 

Rachel Hammer, Associate Director of Development, 410-361-6399, [email protected] 

Jennifer Phelps, Associate Director of Corporate Relations, 410-361-6499, [email protected]

Jordyn Taylor, Assistant Director of Donor Relations, 410-361-6492, [email protected]

Bethany Chance, Assistant Director of Corporate Relations, 410-361-6398, [email protected] 

Maddie Pardes, Assistant Director of Development,  410-361-6567, [email protected] 

Sarah Secrist, Development Coordinator, 410-361-6538, [email protected] 

Jamie Melcher, Development Coordinator, 410-361-6493, [email protected] 

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