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Stem Cell Research Programs

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The Immunobiology research groups at the Institute for Cell Engineering focus on a wide range of basic immunology topics including immune system circuitry, dysregulation and pathogen-host recognition.

Learn more about the Immunobiology research program.


The Neuroregeneration research groups focus on a wide range of basic and translational neuroscience including the basic mechanisms involved in neurodegeneration or neurologic injury in Parkinson’s disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

Learn more about the Neuroregeneration research program.

Stem Cell Biology

The Stem Cell Biology research groups focus on better understanding how stem cells function, renew themselves and differentiate into different cell types. Our researchers also study induced pluripotent stem cells to both improve technology and learn more about the cells themselves.

Learn more about the Stem Cell Biology research program.

Vascular Biology

The Vascular Biology research groups focus on the areas of angiogenesis and vascular biology with the ultimate goal of translating basic science discoveries into clinical applications.

Learn more about the Vascular Biology research program.

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