Training Opportunities

Dr. Cahan with students
Postdoctoral positions

Please contact individual faculty members to inquire about postdoctoral positions.

Graduate school at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

A number of graduate programs are available to prospective graduate students interested in training at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine including:

Visit the Office of Graduate Student Affairs for additional resources. ICE faculty members generally participate in more than one program, providing students flexibility in their education.

Students interested in pursuing a combined M.D.-Ph.D. program should apply to our Medical Scientist Training Program.

Foreign students can contact the School of Medicine International Student Office.

Institute for Cell Engineering’s Foundation for Advanced Research in the Medical Services Internships 

The Institute for Cell Engineering’s Foundation for Advanced Research in the Medical Services Internships (FARMS) offer opportunities in one of our four programs: Vascular Biology, Stem Cell Biology, Immunology, or Neuroregeneration. Interns may participate in a broad array of projects on topics such as computational biology, gene regulatory networks, immune system development, lymphoid malignancies, molecular and cellular mechanisms of oxygen regulation, molecular and cellular signals controlling neurodegeneration, neurogenesis, single cell biology, stem cell modeling, gene and stem cell therapies, MRI cell tracking techniques, and stem cell engineering. The rich environment and guidance by our faculty helps prepare students for successful careers as independent research scientists. Interns are expected to participate in all student related activities in ICE, conduct research and either write a brief progress report at the end of their internship or present their work in a poster session. For information on eligibility, or to apply, click here.