Body Building: Recent Advances in Regenerative Medicine

Science Writers' Boot Camp
April 29, 2013

Body Building Flyer

Program to Body Building: Recent Advancements in Regenerative Medicine


Welcome and Introduction

Stephen Desiderio


Just the Basics, Ma’am

Tantalizing testis: The colorful world of fruit fly stem cells

Erika Matunis

Anti-angiogenesis drugs: How blocking blood vessel growth promotes regeneration

Jun Liu

It’s Alive! Building Tissue from Scratch

Organoid-in-a-dish mimics small intestine

Mark Donowitz

Building Bone in Bioreactors

Warren Grayson

Do I Make You Nervous?

Stimulating the brain’s stem cells

Guo-li Ming

Repairing spinal cord nerves

Ronald Schnaar


Where Have All the Stem Cells Gone?

Tracking transplanted stem cells

Jeff Bulte

Stem cell implants to repair damaged hearts

Gary Gerstenblith

Once Science Fiction, Now Reality

Half-matched transplants for sickle-cell patients

Robert Brodsky

Upper extremity transplants without severe immunosuppression