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What to Expect as a Newly Hired Employee

The following is intended only for newly hired employees of The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Health System:

Congratulations and welcome! By now you've already accepted your job offer and are pretty familiar with what to expect in your new role here at Hopkins. You may have even begun working your way through the paperwork and other tasks leading up to orientation and that exciting first day on the job.

Wherever you are in the pre-employment process, your Human Resources team is here to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Read below to learn what to expect throughout the pre-employment process.

Questions? Contact your designated Central Recruitment specialist. View the HR staff directory.

Need to know where to go? View maps and directions to locations around campus.

The pre-employment process: what to expect

The following steps—from offer acceptance to orientation—may take a minimum of two weeks to complete. All new and rehired employees must complete the pre-employment process before they can begin/attend orientation.

  1. Offer acceptance and Central Recruitment outreach
    Once you've accepted your job offer, a Central Recruitment team member will contact you to schedule a pre-employment processing appointment. You will also receive a welcome email from the Johns Hopkins Onboarding Team, inviting you to complete some of your new hire paperwork online and take a mandatory online onboarding tour of Johns Hopkins Medicine.
  2. Online onboarding tour
    When you receive your email invitation to take the tour, click on the link in the email to get started. Not only does this online tool allow you to complete some of your new hire paperwork, it provides lots of important information that will ease your transition to employment at Johns Hopkins. You'll discover the rich history, mission and structure of the institution. You'll receive your employee handbook and learn about the importance of security and confidentiality in the healthcare field. You'll get an overview of the workplace culture and some of the wonderful benefits available to you. And you'll learn what to expect during the two-day new employee orientation. *Remember, this onboarding tour is mandatory, so please complete it as soon as you can. It must be completed 7 days prior to orientation.
  3. Pre-employment processing appointment
    During this appointment, which will take place at the Central Recruitment Office at 1101 E. 33rd St., 2nd Floor, you'll meet with your Central Recruitment team member and the Office of Occupational Health. You'll have an opportunity to complete any remaining new hire paperwork, including an I-9 form.
    At the Occupational Health Office, you will:
    • Complete a medical history questionnaire and discuss past medical history as needed
    • Have a TB test done (a chest X-ray will be performed if TB test has been positive in the past)
    • Provide specimen for toxicology/drug testing
    • Be advised when to return for test results and a physical
  4. Test results and physical
    Two to three days after your pre-employment processing appointment, you will return to Occupational Health for a physical and lab test results:
    • If test results are pending, you'll be asked to call daily to check on the status
    • If you fail the drug testing, you, Central Recruitment and your hiring department will be informed and your offer will be rescinded.
    • If you are cleared, you'll be permitted to attend orientation.
  5. Attend orientation
    Orientation sessions begin each Monday and last for two days. Your orientation date will be assigned to coincide with when you are scheduled to start work in your new department. The first day of orientation is considered your first day of official work. Most employees are asked to report to their new jobs on the Wednesday after orientation is complete.

In order to attend orientation, the previous steps of the pre-employment process must have been completed by close of business the Wednesday prior. For information about what to wear, where to go, and what to expect at orientation, please consult the online onboarding tour (from step 2 above).