Skills Enhancement and Professional Development


The Johns Hopkins Skills Enhancement Program

The HR Office of Strategic Workforce Development provides a wide selection of educational resources and tools for employees who wish to learn new skills and fine-tune existing knowledge in preparation for continued occupational training, academic enhancement and career growth.

Utilizing our Edmentum online learning management system, we offer the following courses, as noted in online and hybrid format, that will provide access to key academic concepts essential to the pursuit of further education and development essential for careers at Johns Hopkins.

The Skills Enhancement Program (SEP) features a range of both online and hybrid courses. Alongside your Career Coach, we will collaborate on a personalized learning pathway tailored to your unique educational goals.  We are dedicated to providing the fundamental resources and supports necessary for success inside the classroom and on the job.

Our skills enhancement offer resources to:

  • Refresh your academic skills in subjects like math, reading, writing and science.
  • Pursue an online course through Edmentum in preparation for training and college level prerequisite and core program classes.
  • Prepare for college entrance exams by brushing up on your skills.
  • Strengthen math, grammar or writing skills to excel in your current job, to prepare for testing or to qualify for a training program.
  • Fulfill professional development goals in Success Factors’ myPerformance.

Classes are primarily offered online through our Edmentum online learning management system.  Some courses, like those designed for college and career readiness, meet virtually, face-to-face, to furnish additional support and collaboration with instructors and peers. Your Career Coach will provide the diagnostic tools necessary for accurate course placement in achievement of your individual learning pathway.

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For more information on professional development courses, contact the Office of Strategic Workforce Development by phone at 443-997-4587 or by email at [email protected].