Our Interns

Daniel W., Maria G., Greg G.- Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality
Breyonna J.
Nicholas B.
Jordan D.
Kenara F.
David F.
James P.- Education Team at HCMC
  • Daniel W., Maria G. and Greg G.

    The Interns JHSJP Placement

    Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality

    From the Intern’s Supervisor

    The interns learned of the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Summit that the Armstrong Institute will be hosting and wanted to participate, in a matter of days they reviewed the data for Hand Hygiene and created a rough draft of a poster that we will be posting during the event. Their hard work and great attitude are really appreciated.

  • Breyonna J.

    Breyonna’s JHSJP Placement

    Pathology - Core Lab

    From Breyonna’s supervisor:

    "Breyonna was a stellar intern who trained in Flow Cytometry. In five weeks, she quickly learned how to accession samples, scan their paperwork, perform quality assurance tasks, and met with the technical specialists to learn about the flow lab testing for leukemia and lymphoma patients. The lab is also undergoing a LEAN project, so Breyonna also helped fold down boxes and shred incredible amounts of paperwork to clear the area. She was awesome and her smile brightened up everyone's day when she was there."

  • Nicholas B.

    Nicholas’ JHSJP Placement

    Civil and Systems Engineering Department

    From Nicholas’s Supervisor:

    We have enjoyed having Nick with us this summer! His hard work and great attitude are appreciated by all of us in the Department. He has worked with Professors and Administrative Staff on various projects, and we have all been impressed with his maturity and work ethic. He has a bright future ahead of him, and we wish him all the best!

  • Jordan D.

    Jordan’s JHSJP Placement

    Cell Biology

    From Jordan’s supervisor:

    Jordan has been working very hard to help me re-construct electron microscopic mosaics of neurons by stitching hundreds of images together.

  • Kenara F.

    Kenara’s JHSJP Placement

    Pathology — Core Lab

    From Kenara’s supervisor:

    "Kenara was a super star in the core lab and was assigned to various leads and supervisors to assist them in their projects. She learned how to design in Canva, create Excel reports, process the pneumatic tube station, perform inventory tasks, endless scanning, and also collected fun facts about Hopkins art and history for hospital tours. Kenara was always positive and cheerfully took on every task with incredible speed and attention to detail."

  • David F.

    David’s JHSJP Placement


    From David’s supervisor:

    "It takes a village to train a student and we fostered an environment of work, wellness and creativity in organizing, testing and inventorying our phones."

  • James P.

    James’ JHSJP Placement

    Clinical Education

    From James’s supervisor:

    James, a rising Senior from Glenelg High School, is interned with the Clinical Education team at Johns Hopkins Howard Medical Center. During this internship, he helped us in various digital works and prepare education kits for the new nurse graduates. Moreover, he has been diligently supported and guided by our team as we work to initiate and implement projects to foster nursing education. He has successfully completed two major projects. James has spent time learning a new survey tool, Qualtrics, and shared creative ideas to help us develop an electronic skills assessments and education evaluation for an upcoming Pain Resource RN (Registered Nurse) program. Our staff also challenged James to develop educational videos on setting bed alarms for Fall-Risk patients and PD (Peritoneal Dialysis). These projects will enhance the educational resources available to our healthcare team.