Patient Information

  • Getting Started

    Interested in fertility treatment but not sure where to start? Learn more about initial steps and what to expect.

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  • Financing Your Treatment

    Learn your options for covering the expense of fertility treatments and how we help.

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  • Genetic Counseling Services

    The Fertility Center collaborates with our partners at the Genetic Counseling Prenatal Diagnosis and Treatment Center to help our patients understand risks with current and future pregnancies.

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  • Prepare for a Procedure

    Find guidelines on how to prepare for your specific procedure, as outlined by our fertility specialists.

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  • Support Groups and Helpful Links

    Familiarize yourself with local and national support groups and other resources around infertility.

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  • Location Information

    Learn more about where we are, telehealth options and our available facilities.

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Getting Started

Looking into help with infertility issues but not sure where to start? Here's what to expect at the beginning of your journey.

Request an Appointment

The Johns Hopkins Fertility Center offers full-spectrum reproductive endocrinology and fertility services to anyone seeking help with planning a pregnancy, infertility, fertility preservation or family-building services. Initial consultations are available in-person and via telehealth.

Request an Appointment at: 410-847-3835

Initial Consultations

At your initial consultation, you will meet with one of our fertility specialists to review your medical history and discuss your testing and/or treatment goals. After the initial consultation, you (and your partner, if applicable) will undergo diagnostic evaluation. Once the testing is completed, we will review the results and develop the most appropriate individualized treatment plan for you.

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Financial Assistance

The center offers discounted package pricing and has financial counselors on staff to help patients navigate insurance. See more on financial counseling below.

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Financing Your Treatment

The Johns Hopkins Fertility Center participates with most major insurance plans but insurance benefits vary with each individual policy and insurance carrier. You should contact your insurance company to determine your individual policy coverage. Our financial counselors are available to help you understand your benefits and your financial obligation.

Contact a Financial Counselor at 410-583-2825 or via MyChart.

Prior to Your Appointment

Before making an appointment for your initial consultation, please contact your insurance carrier to determine whether or not your plan offers you infertility benefits. Most insurances cover the initial consultation but potential patients who have Medicaid, medical assistance, or a managed care organization, for example, often find their plans do not cover infertility services.

Insurance Authorization

Most insurance requires preauthorization for intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization. Some diagnostic procedures may also require authorization. After you and your doctor have decided on a treatment plan, it is important that you contact our financial counselors to obtain any authorizations needed and understand your financial responsibility before proceeding with testing or treatment.

Package Pricing and Payments

The center offers discounted package pricing and has financial counselors on staff to help patients navigate insurance. ***Payments for fertility services not covered by insurance will be due in advance of treatment.***

Prepare for a Procedure or Evaluation

Preparing for a procedure can be a confusing and anxiety-provoking experience. To help simplify this process, our expert physicians and staff have gathered a list of common procedures and provided the recommended preparations for each.

Support Groups and Helpful Links

Find local and national resources below: