Birth Registrar

Once your baby is born, you will be provided with a Birth Certificate Worksheet. The information you provided on the Birth Certificate Worksheet will be used for your infant's birth certificate. The Birth Certificate is a legal document. Please help ensure the information is entered correctly by printing legibly when filling out the worksheet. 

The hospital is required to file your infant's birth certificate in a timely manner. Please help us by completing the worksheet before your discharge. Please do not take the Birth Certificate Worksheet home.

Your Infant's Last Name


The act stipulates that the surname of the child shall be the surname of the mother at the time of birth, the surname of the father at the time of birth, or both, recorded in any order or in hyphenated or un-hyphenated form or any surname to which either mother or father has a familial connection. If you wish to use a name with a familial connection, the act requires the mother or father to submit an affidavit clearly stating the familial connection to a chosen name that is not that of the mother or father, or a combination of all or part of both surnames. The act further provides for a penalty for submitting an affidavit containing a false statement. If you choose this option, a copy of the affidavit form may be obtained from Sibley's Health Information Management department. 

Obtaining a Copy of the Birth Certificate

The State Center for Health Statistics Vital Records Division will not automatically send a copy of the Birth Certificate. You must order online, phone, mail or in person. The fee for a copy of the long raised seal Birth Certificate is $23. The earliest you can purchase a copy of the Certified Birth Certificate is two weeks from your discharge date. Please include the Child's name, Date of Birth, Mother's Maiden Name, and Father's Name in your request. Please make your check or money order payable to the DC TREASURY. 

Mail your request to:

State Center for Health Statistics Vital Records Division
899 North Capitol Street, NE
1st Fl
Washington, DC 20002

Order Online through authorized vendor VitalChek.

Social Security Number

If you would like to automatically receive a Social Security Number for your child, please check the YES box, sign, and date on Question #5 in the Birth Certificate worksheet. It will take 8-12 to receive the Social Security Card. If you have not received the card at the end of 12 weeks, please contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.

Please Note: Social Security Cards will not be mailed to a P.O. Box address.

Verification of Birth Letter

The Birth Registrar’s department can provide a Verification of Birth letter to you at your request. Please email [email protected] and include the following information:

  • Birthing Person's Name
  • Birthing Person's Date of Birth
  • Baby's Date of Birth

Please allow up to 2 business days to receive your letter upon submission.

For any additional inquiries, please email the Birth Registrar’s department at [email protected].