Skilled and Compassionate Maternity Care

Maternity Services at The Johns Hopkins Hospital

The Johns Hopkins Birthing Center in Baltimore, Maryland, a Baby-Friendly designated facility, offers true mother/baby couplet care with no separation, provided both mother and baby are healthy.

Our staff delivers over 2,400 babies each year and we love sharing in this special time in your life as you welcome the newest member of your family. Learn more about the Johns Hopkins Birthing Center experience.


Explore The Johns Hopkins Birthing Center

The Birthing Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility that offers complete mother/baby care and all private rooms. Compassionate doctors, nurses and lactation specialists are just a part of the team that will help you through this very special time.

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Birthing Center At A Glance

Mom holding newborn baby in postpartum room at Johns Hopkins Hospital

True Mother/Baby Couplet Care

True mother/baby couplet care means an infant is never separated from the mother from the time of delivery until discharge provided both are healthy. All newborn exams are done at the mother’s bedside, as is newborn care like bathing, shots, eye drops and hearing tests. This allows for mother and baby to bond.

Newborn Care

After delivery, all babies are seen by a pediatric nurse practitioner. Your newborn will continue to be evaluated by our pediatric nurse practitioner throughout your hospital stay. Our nurse practitioners have excellent relationships with private pediatricians and communicate with them daily about their patients.

Exceptional Nursing Staff

Nursing at the Johns Hopkins Hospital has achieved national Magnet status. This means that nurses are cited for providing the best in clinical care.

Specialized Services

If a mother or baby should require special care during pregnancy, birth or after delivery, the Johns Hopkins Hospital is staffed with specialty-certified physicians, genetic counselors and advanced practice or certified nurses who are available to not only explain care options to parents, but to also respond immediately to clinical needs.