Birthing and Breastfeeding Classes at The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Our Services

The Johns Hopkins Hospital is proud to offer a variety of classes and support services for new and soon-to-be parents. Find more information, including how to sign up, below.

Childbirth Classes and Support Services

Learn more about our childbirth classes, support services, consultations and tours. Most services are offered both in-person and online. To find available class dates and/or register, please access our childbirth class portal here.

*To submit questions, please contact [email protected]. A labor and delivery nurse will respond to your email.

Important Announcement for Lactation Classes and Post Partum Support Groups

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Lactation Team regrettably has to cancel ALL EVENTS for April and May.This is only for LACTATION CLASSES and POST PARTUM SUPPORT GROUPS.

We assure you that both the Childbirth Education and Lactation Teams will be there to answer any questions you have, and lactation will see you during your hospital stay. Please reach out to the WARM Line at 410-502-3221 or email [email protected] with any breastfeeding questions, the Childbirth Education Team with any Pregnancy or Post Partum Recovery questions at [email protected], and your pediatrician for any questions about baby.


Also, please ask the Clinical Nurse at your OB Site to have the Breastfeeding video assigned to your myChart. This has all of the information that is covered in the class. Your Journey to Healthy Baby Books are a great wealth of knowledge as well.

Lactation Classes and Support Services

Learn more about our breastfeeding classes and support services. To find available class dates and/or register, please access our breastfeeding class portal here.

For additional lactation support services, please call the warm line at 410-502-3221 or email [email protected] for more information. All calls/emails will be returned within 24hrs if we do not speak with you directly.