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Core Topics on Care of the Acutely Ill Hospitalized Patient

These topics and others may be covered during the hospitalist didactic sessions that occur twice a week.

1. Pneumonia (Community acquired, noscocomial and aspiration related)
2. CHF
3. Unstable angina/Acute MI
4. Asthma exacerbation/COPD exacerbation
5. Acute GI bleed (upper and lower)
6. Acute renal failure
7. Endocarditis
8. DVT/PE, including prophylaxis of hospitalized patients
9. Hypertensive urgency/emergencies
11. Fever of unknown origin
12. Management of substance abuse withdrawal syndromes (alcohol, heroin, cocaine etc.)
13. New onset atrial fibrillation/supraventricular tachycardia
14. Acute pancreatitis
15. Delirium
16. Hypo/hypernatremia,hypo/hyperkalemia
17. Approach to pleural effusions

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