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Weight Management

male on benchThe multidisciplinary team at the Healthful Eating, Activity, & Weight Program helps you make changes in your diet, physical activity, and behaviors that are key to successful weight loss and weight loss maintenance. After an initial evaluation with one of our specialty physicians, we will create a plan to meet your unique needs.

Our physicians were recognized as "Top Weight Management” doctors by Baltimore Magazine in 2018 and 2019.

Visits with Physician Experts

Our clinic is staffed by physicians board-certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine. This is recognition of their expertise in strategies that are scientifically proven to treat overweight and obesity. Our physicians will discuss all of your weight loss options. This may include lifestyle changes, group programs, medications, weight loss surgery, and other minimally invasive procedures.

After the first evaluation, all patients will have regular follow-up visits with our physician experts. These visits will focus on one-on-one counseling to support your lifestyle changes and care may include medication management. We work with patients and their healthcare team to manage any chronic conditions linked with excess weight. These visits are usually covered by insurance.

Weight Management Services Include

  • Group Weight Loss Program - We offer a group program based on a scientifically proven lifestyle change curriculum to lose weight. Our program is adapted from the landmark Look AHEAD trial, which demonstrated the many health benefits that can occur with weight loss. A trained lifestyle coach leads group sessions in a private classroom setting located in our clinic. Patients first complete an orientation session online, and then attend groups every other week. The groups cover new topics to support your weight loss, such as problem solving, healthy eating, managing holidays, and staying motivated. We recommend that you plan to participate for about 12 months. This program may be covered by insurance. All patients need to complete an initial evaluation with one of our specialty physicians to before registration in a weight loss group. You can enroll at any time.

    To view the orientation session, please download this file to your computer: online orientation session. You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to open the file to view the session. This program can be downloaded for free here. Please note that other programs (like Preview, Foxit, or Google PDF viewer) are unable to run this file and you will see a blank page.
  • Meal Replacement Program - Replacing meals with nutrient-rich, calorie-controlled products has been proven to be effective in helping people lose weight. As a part of our program, we offer a selection of meal replacement shakes and bars. To receive our meal replacement shakes and bars, complete the Meal Replacement Order Form.

    This strategy may be a part of your weight management plan. These have been rigorously tested in clinical trials that demonstrate their weight loss benefits. Insurance and health savings accounts do not cover the cost of meal replacement products, so we aim to offer these products at reasonable prices.
  • Visits with Psychology and Nutrition - We offer services from a licensed psychologist with expertise in behavior change and obesity, as well as a nurse practitioner with expertise in nutrition. During your first visit, we will discuss these treatment options with you. Nutrition visits are available now, and Psychology visits will be available in late 2020.
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