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GIM Housestaff Research Awards, November 14, 2008


GIM faculty members gather at a breakfast meeting to hear the
winning Housestaff Research Awardees' presentations

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Drs. Brancati, Chakkalakal, and Flynn
      GIM Director Dr. Frederick Brancati and GIM Clinical Director Dr. John
      Flynn present the L. Randol Barker Award to Dr. Rosette Chakkalakal
Drs. Brancati, Berger, and Ford
          Dr. Brancati and Vice-Dean for Clinical Investigation Dr. Daniel
          E. Ford present the Daniel E. Ford Award to Dr. Zachary Berger 
Drs. Brancati, Kapur, and Clark

               Dr. Brancati and GIM Fellowship Director Dr. Jeanne Clark                  
                       present the David M. Levine Award to Dr. Nitin Kapur

                                                  A happy recipient!
Drs. Brancati, Jennings, and Powe
            Dr. Brancati and Dr. Neil R. Powe present the Neil R. Powe Award
                                                 to Dr. Lee Jennings
Drs. Brancati, DeCamp, and Sugarman
              Dr. Brancati and Dr. Jeremy Sugarman present the 
              Jeremy Sugarman Award to Dr. Matthew DeCamp
All Award Winners
       Congratulations to all 2008 GIM Housestaff Research Award winners!