SOM Guide for Contracts with Industry

I.  Submit the following forms to the Office of Research Administration (ORA) via Senior Research Analyst:

  • Electronic Information Sheet (eIS)
  • Supplemental Information Sheet for corporate agreements
  • Protocol or summary of the work scope
  • Budget
  • Proposed corporate agreement

The forms are available online at:

II.  If using a Master Agreement

  • Contact ORA to send company a cover letter proposing the project and attaching a work scope and budget. The letter will be signed by the PI and Associate Dean for Research Administration.
  • Have the company contact forward budget and work scope to company’s business staff to prepare Master Agreement Amendment. This is usually a one or two page summary and budget that all parties will sign.

III.  If the project involves clinical research (i.e., clinical diagnostics and procedures performed on subjects), it must follow the new  process that is coordinated between the ORA and IRB Offices. 

Details of the process and interactive training can be accessed at:

IV.  Paperwork is to be submitted only at the ORA Office at 117 BRB.