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Promotion at Hopkins


Promotion at Hopkins

Mon. Oct 5, 2015 8:30am - 10:00am
Zayed, Arcade Lecture Hall 2117

**October 1st Note: Please note that the location has changed from the Chevy Chase Auditorium (2119A) to the Zayed Lecture Hall across (2117).


Empower yourself! Learn about the Hopkins promotions process. What are the requirements for academic promotion? What is the purpose of the director’s letter? What is the Nomination Manager? What is an H index? What is in a typical associate and professor’s CV? How do the committees work? How do I know if I’m ready? Active Q/A! 



W. P. Andrew Lee, MD

Chair, SOM Associate Professor Promotions Committee (APPC);

Professor of Plastic Surgery


Nauder Faraday, MD

Vice Chair, SOM Associate Professor Promotions Committee (APPC);

Professor of Anesthesiology


Justin C. McArthur, MBBS, MPH, FAAN

Chair of the Professorial Promotions Committee;

Professor of Neurology, Pathology, Medicine, and Epidemiology;  Director, Department of Neurology

Valentina Viertel OFD@JHMI.EDU 4105025521
The Office of Faculty Development