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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Requests for appointment originate in your department.  They are then forwarded to OFI for review.  Depending upon the rank, there are other reviewers/processes, but all appointments MUST be approved by the ABMF (and in the case of professors, the BOT).
    • The ABMF meets 10x/year (does not meet in July or August).
    • Until an appointment is approved, a new faculty member will be listed as 'pending faculty' in JHED.

    But, I received an offer letter from my department?  The offer letter references the ABMF process. 

    • Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory (JHED) IDs are generated from a variety of sources, including SAP, the Medical Staff Office and the SOM.
    • SOM will send a person with a faculty appointment that is pending approval by the Advisory Board of the Medical Faculty (ABMF) to JHED 45 days prior to the appointment start date. 
    • This allows the pending faculty member to complete training in myLearning, update vaccinations to the VMS, and more prior to their arrival.
    • The person will be listed as 'pending faculty' and 'friend' in JHED; once the appointment has the approval of the ABMF, the JHED record will be updated to show rank and faculty status.
    • As a reminder, faculty must perform their first login to JHED within 90 days of the JHED ID being issued or else it will be disabled.  This is JHU policy.  Faculty who have disabled IDs will need to contact the HELP desk for assistance (410-516-HELP).
    • ID Badges are available for faculty no more than 7 days prior to the appointment start date.
    • ID badges can only be made available for those whose appointments have been approved for processing by the Office of Faculty Information (OFI).
    • Once OFI gives the department the approval for continued processing, it can take up to an additional 24 hours for the ID system to be updated.
    • ID badges do NOT indicate your rank; they will indicate 'faculty.'
    • ID badge website.
    • You can indicate a preferred name in your JHED record.  
    • That information currently flows into various student-related systems.
    • There is discussion underway regarding the ability to put a preferred name on your ID badge, but for now, your ID badge will reflect your legal name.
    • JHM has developed a Vaccine Management System (VMS) that is to be used to update proof of COVID and/or FLU vaccination.
      • You must be able to log into JHED in order to update proof of vaccination yourself; if you are unable to log into JHED, you can:
        • call the JHED help desk (410-516-HELP) to  have your login reset and then upload your documentation - or -
        • submit proof of vaccination directly to Occupational Health Services at
    • More information about the COVID-19 vaccine requirement can be found online and through your department.
    • Home address information is not maintained by OFI.
    • If you are on JH payroll, you can update the information through Employee Self Service (ESS).
    • If you are not on JH payroll, please contact your department administrator for assistance.
    • If you are in an Advanced Specialty Training Program (ASTP), you are appointed as faculty.
    • Your benefits are as a faculty member.
    • Since you are in an advanced training program, however, the Clinical Fellows Council includes you in their membership.
  • Requests for replacement or duplicate ASTP training certificates must be made in writing to the School of Medicine Office of Faculty Information along with a check for the amount of $25 made payable to the Johns Hopkins University.   Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing.

    • Find a Doctor and Find a Researcher receive some of their data (name, rank, degrees) from OFI.
    • After an appointment is approved by the ABMF (and the Board of Trustees for professors), data is transmitted to the directory team for update in their system.
    • These updates occur the first week of each month.
    • If additional degrees should be listed in the directory, please work with your department to obtain a degree verification for them to send to OFI.
    • Appointment letters are issued to faculty the first week of the month, usually.  Letters effective July 1 are issued toward the end of July as the departments review the letters before they are released.
    • The most efficient way for a faculty member to receive their appointment letter is by email, through DocuSign.  
    • If there is not a valid email address on file with OFI, appointment letters are sent to the department so that they can send the letter to the faculty member.
    • If your contract end date is anything other than June 30, you will receive two appointment letters (i.e. contracts), one through the end of your current contract and another for the time period of the contract through June 30.
      • These letters are not sent at the same time.
      • Example:  Original contract end date is 8/15/2021 but your department has renewed your contract through 8/15/2022.  The first letter you receive in FY 22 will be from 7/1-8/15/2021.  The next letter will be from 8/16-6/30/2022.  In FY 23, the first letter you receive will be from 7/1-8/15/2022.
    • New appointment letters are generated when sufficient changes occur to your appointment (i.e. change in rank).
    • Please make sure to sign your letter (via DocuSign for most faculty) and return it promptly.
    • We cannot assist with requests to be excused from jury duty.
    • If you believe you are eligible to be excused, please work with your department/division to obtain the needed documentation.
    • VA benefits for faculty are rare.  If you feel you are eligible for a VA benefit, please contact our office.
    • Note:  Faculty who are in ASTP programs are not eligible to file for VA benefits as a postdoctoral fellow.
  • Fulbright sponsors their scholars' J1 visa and provides monetary support.  If you plan on hosting a Fulbright Scholar as a Visiting Scientist, please contact the Office of Faculty Information ( for assistance.  The scholar must hold a faculty position at their home institution to be appointed as a Visiting Scientist at the School of Medicine.  

    If the scholar is currently in training as a postdoctoral fellow, please contact the School of Medicine Postdoc Office at for assistance.



Rev 9/28/2021

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