Associate Professor Promotion: Scholarship in Program Building

National recognition for program building at the Associate Professor level includes development of a clinical, educational, or scientific program that is widely recognized as an outstanding model of its kind and/or that has had a substantial impact on the field.

National recognition for program building may be documented by publications, including:

  • Substantive and continuous publication in healthcare management journals
  • Clinical or training guidelines
  • Descriptions and evaluation of innovative educational, basic science or clinical programs
  • Support for research, education, or clinical programs

National recognition for scholarship in education, clinical service, and/or program building may be demonstrated through continuing publication of:

  • Descriptions of and evaluation of innovative curricula programs, or teaching methods
  • Research that addresses educational topics
  • Analytic clinical studies
  • Clinical applications of basic science
  • Invited reviews
  • Book chapters
  • Monographs
  • Clinical observations/case reports
  • Patient education materials
  • Continuing dissemination of clinical expertise by audio and video learning aids and through computer-based material, and/or evidence of stimulating trainees and colleagues to prepare clinical papers and reviews
  • Critical editorship for a journal or a textbook or the development and dissemination of intellectual properties may also be considered