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Application Information Overview

Linda Regan, M.D.  Program Director Linda Regan, M.D. Program Director

If you are a prospective emergency medicine applicant and are interested in learning more about how to apply to the Johns Hopkins Emergency Residency Program, click here to learn more.

Have questions about our residency program? Our Frequently Asked Questions has answers.

Note to Applicants

Dear Applicant,

You may be aware of a ranking system of residency programs created by Doximity in conjunction with U.S. News & World Report. Although it may seem attractive to choose programs ranked highly on the Doximity list, we believe that the methodology is questionable and the results are merely a representation of program popularity among physicians who are members of Doximity. It is our concern that this list may not serve you well. Because of our concerns that it does not provide you with appropriate and meaningful guidance in choosing a best fit program, our program in-addition to many other EM programs across the country, have opted to not participate in the Doximity survey.

Best of luck,

Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine