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Introducing the 4 Year Program

The Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Residency became a 4-year program starting in July of 2008. The new program format allows for significant augmentation of academic and specialized experiences increasingly required by the maturity and development of our specialty.

The Johns Hopkins 4-year program, termed Focused Advanced Specialty Training (FAST), is unique in the country in that the 4th year will follow the format of a traditional subspecialty fellowship. Since many fellowships are two years in duration, a further major advantage to the new program is that the FAST track chosen will be considered equivalent to the completion of an entire year of a fellowship (similar to advanced placement) at Johns Hopkins. Thus, further subspecialty fellowship training in the area chosen, should it be pursued, would be one year less than the standard program.

Currently Johns Hopkins has developed a number of formally approved fellowships. The FAST tracks will align with most of these fellowship topics and include Medical Education, Toxicology, Observation Medicine, Research, EMS, Disaster EM, International EM, Ultrasound, and Administration. The research track itself has multiple tracks (translational research in infectious diseases; disaster research, health services research, patient safety ED operations).

Declaration of the FAST program chosen by individual residents can occur as late as the 3rd year, allowing each resident to fully explore the possibilities before committing to an area of focus. Once in the 4th year, each resident will work clinically in the ED for a total of about 1080 hours annually. Residents will spend the remainder or their non-clinical time working towards completion of the goals and objectives of their tracks. We believe this longitudinal year-long experience will better enable residents to be productive and offers more opportunity for participation in research, credit course work in our school of public health or other such opportunities.

Residents will be able to graduate our emergency medicine training program not only as excellent physicians in emergency medicine but as academicians who have begun to develop a niche within our ever-growing specialty.

Gabor D. Kelen, M.D.
Professor and Chair

Linda Regan, M.D.
Program Director