Program Year 3 Residents 2023 - 2024

Daniel Ayorinde, M.D.

Daneil Ayorinde

Medical School: Howard University College of Medicine
Undergrad: Towson University
Activities/Hobbies: All things sports (basketball - avid Washington Wizards fan, football, soccer, etc), 5K marathons, travel, gym, and taking care of his constantly expanding list of nieces and nephews
Home State: Washington D.C.

Why Johns Hopkins: I had the pleasure of rotating at Johns Hopkins for a sub-internship in Emergency Medicine. I left awe-inspired because of the profound culture of teaching, camaraderie, and service to the community. If that wasn’t enough, the FAST program offered a unique opportunity to be able to explore my interests in capacity building and global health, while still being able to serve in the wonderful community I grew up in.

Daniel Ayorinde is a first-generation Nigerian-American born in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. His earlier years were split shuttling between D.C and Maryland until his freshman year of high school upon which he traveled to Nigeria. After graduating high school, he returned to the US and was accepted into Towson University where he studied Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, and Biochemistry.  Following graduation, he spent three years in the biopharmaceutical industry working as a technician for AstraZeneca. Desperate to serve his community more intimately, he returned to Washington, D.C for medical school at Howard University College of Medicine. His academic interest includes global/community health, administration in healthcare, and social emergency medicine. He hopes to continue the legacy of excellence and service at Johns Hopkins and within the community of Baltimore.

Molly Brady, M.D.

Molly Brady

Medical School: The University of Arizona College of Medicine
Undergrad: The University of Arizona
Activities/Hobbies: Playing with our dog, weight lifting, country two-step dancing, hiking, watching home improvement shows 
Home State:  Arizona

Why Johns Hopkins: Every interaction I had with faculty, staff and residents on my interview day felt incredibly genuine. It quickly became clear that this program was a collective group of people who enjoyed working together to serve their community.  Additionally, the FAST program is an incredible opportunity to explore my specific interests within emergency medicine.

Molly Brady was born and raised in Chandler, Arizona. She attended the University of Arizona, where she studied microbiology. After graduating, she worked as a scribe in the emergency department and for an orthopedic surgery group in Phoenix, AZ. She then continued on for medical school at the University of Arizona, where she earned her MD. She is excited to be moving across the country to train at Johns Hopkins and looks forward to seeing more water and less desert in her daily life. Her academic interests include critical care, global health and palliative care.

Elizabeth Fitzsousa, M.D.

Elizabeth Fitzsousa

Medical School: Yale School of Medicine
Undergrad: Tulane University
Activities/Hobbies: Hiking with her dog Wyatt, gardening, painting
Home State: Connecticut

Why Johns Hopkins: The people I met at Hopkins clearly demonstrated responsibility and dedication to their patients and city. I chose Hopkins because of this compassionate care, as well as the opportunity to pursue niche interests and the strong commitment to justice and humanities in medicine.

Lizzy Fitzsousa was born in West Hartford, CT growing up with the support of her large extended family. She attended Tulane University where she fell in love with New Orleans. She stayed for a number of years in NOLA working as a bartender and volunteering with an HIV clinic before deciding to do a post-bacc and pursue a career in medicine. She loves all things outdoors as well as cooking, baking, and painting.

Hannah Fuher, M.D.

Hannah Fuher

Medical School: University of Minnesota
Undergrad: University of Minnesota
Activities/Hobbies: Hiking/camping, thrifting/home DIY, podcasts & audiobooks, everything Elton John, cooking (learning to make fresh pasta), playing with my cat Arlo, exploring local farmers markets
Home State: Minnesota

Why Johns Hopkins: I chose Johns Hopkins because of the incredible people I now get to work with each day -- patients, residents, and faculty. There was a strong community feel that I connected with on interview day (even virtually); every interaction spoke to JHU’s mission for patient-centered care and dedication to resident education. The training environment provides great opportunity for growth in a culture that both challenges and supports residents. Additionally, I was drawn to the FAST Experience and the unique ability to explore interests and develop a professional niche within Emergency Medicine.

Hannah Fuher grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She attended the University of Minnesota, where she graduated with a B.S. in Genetics, Cell Biology and Development. After graduating, Hannah began working as a medical scribe and found her passion for Emergency Medicine. She pursued her medical degree at the University of Minnesota, where she developed an interest in medical education and community health. She is excited to continue exploring these interests while in residency at Johns Hopkins. Hannah is looking forward to discovering Baltimore neighborhoods and local hiking trails with her co-residents and care team.

Jasmin Gosen, M.D.

Jasmin Gosen

Medical School: California Northstate University College of Medicine
Undergrad: University of Southern California
Activities/Hobbies: Weight lifting, scuba diving, traveling, hiking, walking and petting dogs, spending time with family and friends
Home State: California

Why Johns Hopkins: I chose Johns Hopkins because this is where I felt I belonged the most.  The residents, faculty, and staff all seemed so humble, friendly, and caring during my interview and virtual social. I also love the underserved population the residency program serves. Furthermore, its clinical training is unmatched. I know that Johns Hopkins will allow me to become the best physician I can be.

Jasmin Gosen was born in Los Angeles but moved to Lebanon when she was only 6 years old. At the age of 18, Jasmin moved back to California and attended community college. She then transferred to University of Southern California where she completed a BA in Neuroscience. Afterwards, she moved to Sacramento where she received her MD degree at California Northstate University. Outside of medicine, Jasmin enjoys spending time with loved ones, traveling, and experiencing various types of adventures.

Scott Gummerson, M.D., M.Sc.

Scott Gummerson

Medical School: The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Undergrad: The University of Pennsylvania
Activities/Hobbies: Skiing, hiking, sailing, writing, dog-parenting, music, Ravens football!
Home State: Maryland

Why Johns Hopkins: I chose Johns Hopkins because I absolutely loved my interview day and all the people I met here. Even though my visit was virtual, I could tell immediately that this was a wonderful place to learn and grow in residency. I also love Baltimore (my hometown), and am excited by the myriad of opportunities available to Johns Hopkins EM residents (especially the FAST program).

Scott Gummerson was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania in English, concentrating in creative writing and poetry. After graduating, he fell in love with emergency medicine while scribing at the Anne Arundel Medical Center ED and attended a post-baccalaureate program at Georgetown University before heading to medical school at Brown University. He is looking forward to training at Johns Hopkins with his amazing co-residents, and being near friends and family in Baltimore.

Alex Huttleston, M.D.

Alex Huttleston

Medical School: University of Queensland School of Medicine
Undergrad: California State University, UC Davis
Activities/Hobbies: the outdoors, running, ramen-filled nights, and finding the best street food the world has to offer
Home State: California

Why Johns Hopkins: I chose Johns Hopkins for the depth and breadth of experience that the program provides. The large city with a broad population provides clinical experiences and learning opportunities that can only be found at a tertiary referral center. Equally, the staff and co-residents at Hopkins have a genuine passion for several areas within Emergency Medicine, including reducing barriers to health equity, teaching physicians to be effective educators, and providing the best evidence-supported care for the Baltimore community.

Alex Huttleston spent his childhood in suburban northern California before moving to the rural foothills. He majored in International Relations and followed his family in becoming an elementary school teacher. On weekends, he volunteered as an EMT, providing care for concert and marathon participants. He moved to Australia to study medicine at the University of Queensland and then to Ochsner in New Orleans. Between his December graduation and beginning residency, he volunteered as a medical coordinator at a New Orleans COVID shelter for the community without consistent housing, facilitating medical care for acute and chronic conditions among the clients. He is interested in critical care medicine, effective medical education for physicians and patients, and addressing the underlying social causes that frequently contribute to emergency department visits.

Kayla Iuliucci, M.D.

Kayla Iuliucci

Medical School: Tulane University School of Medicine
Undergrad: Tulane University
Activities/Hobbies: Bouldering, lifting, cycling, hiking, camping, yoga, vegan cooking and baking, beach lounging, finding the best local coffee shops, extreme heat with or without humidity
Home State: New Jersey

Why Johns Hopkins: Underserved and diverse patient population with lots of opportunity for social EM,  public health opportunities, FAST program, fourth year teaching role, the ~vibes~ during the (zoom) interview interacting with the faculty and residents.

Kayla Iuliucci was born and raised in South Jersey (and subscribes to the north/central/south Jersey dividing scheme). She escaped to New Orleans to study at Tulane, where she received BA in Russian studies and a BS in neuroscience. During college she worked as an RA, crisis hotline counselor, and stage manager for productions at Tulane and in the community. Unable to part with New Orleans and its culture, she then attended medical school at Tulane. While at Tulane, she was very involved in community outreach, medical student mentorship, and medical education. She is excited to start her journey at Johns Hopkins where she hopes to further explore her interests in social EM and public health but remains reluctant about having to face winters with snow again.

Lea Moujaes, M.D.

Lea Moujaes

Medical School: American University of Beirut Medical Center
Undergrad: American University of Beirut
Activities/Hobbies: Soccer (GGMU!), Movies (always down for some good wine and a movie), Lego building/collecting, everything star wars, traveling, exploring the hidden gems of a new city
Home State: Dhour El Chouier, Lebanon

Why Johns Hopkins: I was fortunate enough to do a sub-internship at Johns Hopkins and I absolutely loved the comradery between the different teams, the student/resident-focused teaching, and the opportunities offered to us through the FAST track. For someone who is interested in global health, disaster medicine, and leadership, I knew that the program at JH will accommodate all my interests and allow me to fully explore them.

Lea Moujaes grew up in Dhour El Chouier, Lebanon, a mountainous town less than an hour away from the capital, Beirut. She attended the American University of Beirut where she majored in biology and then pursued her medical degree. Soon after graduation, she moved to Boston where she worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital focusing on bacterial infectious diseases and vaccine development. Lea enjoys checking out the local food scene of whichever city she’s in, catching a good game of soccer, and all things outdoors.

Nicholas Rizer, M.D.

Nicholas Rizer

Medical School & Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
Undergrad: The Pennsylvania State University 
Activities/Hobbies: Hiking, cooking, reading (especially history and science fiction), photography
Home State: Pennsylvania

Why Johns Hopkins: I chose Johns Hopkins because I knew I could become the doctor I wanted to be here. I could learn from supportive and passionate faculty, develop my niche through the FAST program, and work with a diverse and underserved community.

Nick was born in New Jersey and grew up in Bucks County, PA, the oldest of 3 brothers. Nick completed his undergrad at Penn State, majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and went to medical school at Penn where he discovered his passion for Emergency Medicine. In his free time Nick likes spending time with friends and family, being outside, attempting to cook, and being overly passionate about Penn State and Philly sports.

Kara Schradle, M.D.

Kara Schradle

Medical School: Tulane University School of Medicine
Undergrad: University of Michigan
Activities/Hobbies: Volleyball, yoga, spending time with family, reading
Home State: Michigan

Why Johns Hopkins: I chose Johns Hopkins for the diversity of opportunities, especially those in Pediatric Emergency Medicine within the FAST program. I was excited about their dedication to teaching and mentorship, and the opportunity to serve the surrounding community of Baltimore.

Kara Schradle (she/her/hers) was born and raised in Romeo, Michigan surrounded by her three siblings and loving parents. Kara attended the University of Michigan, graduating with a degree in biology. After graduation she continued to work and do research at the University of Michigan Cancer Center studying pancreatic cancer. At Tulane University School of Medicine, she spent her time pursuing leadership opportunities and volunteering within the community, specifically focusing on nutritional wellness including healthy eating practices and food insecurity in New Orleans. She hopes to continue her community outreach here in Baltimore and further explore her interest in Pediatric Emergency Medicine.