Support for Underrepresented Communities

Johns Hopkins Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Health System have many programs in place across all levels of our organization to ensure support for underrepresented communities. These communities are defined as

  • Alaska Native
  • Asian-Pacific Islander
  • Black/African American
  • Hispanic/Latino; Native American
  • Native Hawaiian
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Members of the LGBTQ+ community
  • One or more of the racial or ethnic groups listed above

Workforce Policies

We maintain the following written policies for workforce diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • JHM Workforce Diversity Statement
  • JHM/JHHS Employment Policy
  • JHM/JHHS Equal Employment Opportunity and Harassment and Complaint Procedures Policy
  • JHM Identification Badge Policy
  • Prohibiting Patient Discrimination or Discriminatory Aggression by Patients/Healthcare Decision-makers or Visitors Against Members of the JHM Community

Workforce Programs

As a federal contractor, we are required to report the performance of diversity initiatives, to include, but not limited to annual hiring and recruitment statistics and attainment of set goals, all of which are available upon request.

For managers, DEI incentives are reflected in our annual performance evaluation process whereby demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion are featured core values and subjected to a rating.

Career advance training and opportunities for employees

  • JHM Levi Watkins, Jr. Mentorship Program

The program is focused on identifying and developing hidden and high-potential leadership talent, including underrepresented groups, within JHM. It is a blended development process involving monthly mentor meetings, individual action planning, access to a digital interactive platform, assessment instruments and group meetups.


The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity website is continually updated to include the JHM diversity, inclusion, and health equity strategic plan and annual reports summarizing major programs and accomplishments.

The JHM Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer is a corporate officer who devotes 100% effort to overseeing biomedical workforce diversity initiatives and health equity operational strategy for the health system and school of medicine.

Education Collaboration

We collaborate with educational institutions serving significant or predominant student populations or affinity groups from underrepresented communities.

Local and Minority-Owned Businesses

HopkinsLocal is a firm commitment to leverage the economic power of The Johns Hopkins University and Health System to expand participation of local and minority-owned businesses in construction opportunities; to increase our hiring of city residents, with a focus on neighborhoods in need of job opportunities; and to enhance economic growth, employment and investment in Baltimore through our purchasing activities.


We are committed to purchasing from certified Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (MBEs). Vendors can find opportunities by reviewing the categories in which Johns Hopkins focuses its local and MBE purchasing.

Additionally, through the Office of Economic Development and Community Partnerships, Johns Hopkins hosts the following event series to engage minority-owned businesses:

  • Small Black Business Showcase
  • BUY in Baltimore
  • Recharge Charles Village
  • Small Business Saturdays
  • Entrepreneurship Matters

Design and Construction

We are committed to expanding the participation of local and minority-owned businesses in construction opportunities. The Johns Hopkins University and Health System design and construction departments instituted a joint vendor review committee (JVRC) and interview process for companies that have an interest in participating on projects managed by Johns Hopkins. The JVRC is responsible for reviewing vendor capability statements, interviewing potential firms, and recommending firms to the respective Johns Hopkins design and construction groups. Members of the JVRC review vendor submissions on a monthly basis. Businesses can learn more about construction opportunities here.

Government Affairs

We provide support and outreach to underrepresented communities or organizations that represent underrepresented communities.