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A group photo of participants from the Leadership Group.

Mary Elizabeth Garrett Executive Leadership for Women Faculty

This program had its inaugural year in 2018 and 13 strong women leaders graduated; many have achieved important leadership roles. The goal of the program is to increase leadership opportunities for women faculty to the highest levels of leadership at JHM and JHU, and increase the visibility of women leaders at the JHUSOM. Additionally, this program creates a networking opportunity for senior women leaders. We envision that the MEG ELWF graduates will become a pipeline for JHM institutional leaders.

We have just recruited for and initiated our second cohort of the Mary Elizabeth Garrett Executive Leadership for Woman Faculty program which began in January 2020. Major components include curriculum in critical skills areas; and development of action learning projects to practice these skills. A 360-degree feedback assessment of participants is provided pre and post course. The timeframe for the curriculum is 12 months.

Please contact for more information.

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Leadership Program for Women Faculty

The Office of Women in Science and Medicine (OWISM) was created in 2008 to increase representation of women in leadership roles, on high level SOM committees and other departmental and institutional decision making bodies. The Leadership Program for Women Faculty (LPWF) serves as a vehicle to achieve this mission, by providing female faculty at the Instructor, Assistant and Associate Professor level, important skills necessary for advancement at the JHUSOM.

The OWISM organized its first Leadership Program for Women Faculty in 2009 in collaboration with Talent Management and Organization Development (TMOD) and the Office of Faculty Development.

The goals of this program are to develop JHUSOM women leaders who can contribute to future initiatives throughout the school, and to retain emerging female leaders by providing a prestigious and challenging learning experience. The LPWF will hopefully result in new leadership opportunities and ultimately promotion for the SOM women faculty.

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Previous Programs


Emerging Women's Leadership Program (EWLP)

The OWISM in collaboration with the Office of Faculty Development established a program in 2012 entitled Emerging Women's Leadership Program (EWLP). This new program was developed to begin to provide important and cohesive networking opportunities for our junior Assistant Professors and Instructors. Our hope is that early identification of women leaders will result in retention and promotion of our talented junior female faculty and will ultimately lead to an increase in women in leadership roles at the SOM. We plan to recruit for a new cohort in February of 2020. Please see the brochure below and look for information in future updates. 

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Previous Programs

Additional Information

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