Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM) Employee Resource Groups are made up of staff members, typically from underrepresented groups, and their allies who volunteer to come together based on a common purpose or background or on shared interests. These ERGs foster an inclusive workplace, giving employees opportunities to benefit from our community, contribute to patients’ experiences and develop our existing diverse talent. ERG activities can include seminars and panel discussions and community events. All Johns Hopkins Medicine employees are invited to join our system-wide and entity ERGs. Each ERG is led by two co-chairs who oversee the ERG, as well as co-chairs for patient, community and workforce subcommittees. Each ERG offers volunteer opportunities. Activities and events align with the mission, vision, core values and strategic priorities of Johns Hopkins Medicine. 

Download and share the Download and share the ERG information flyer. Join an ERG now!!! Want to learn more about our ERGs? View: JHHS | HR Webinar | Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Join an ERG now!!! Want to learn more about our ERGs? View: JHHS | HR Webinar | Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Thank you for expressing interest in joining an employee resource group (ERG). Please click on the following links to join the listserv(s) of the ERG(s) in which you are interested.

Illustrations of diverse faces to promote the Hopkins Diaspora Employee Resource Group.

The Hopkins Diaspora ERG & Allies

If you are looking for a safe environment where African Americans/Blacks and their allies can discuss relevant topics, join the Hopkins Diaspora. This ERG’s focus is to promote equity, and to empower and support African American/Black faculty and staff members, patients and communities to help them have a greater influence on JHM health care practices and workforce initiatives. Join the Hopkins Diaspora listserv and/or closed Facebook page.

Co-chair: Eric Jones

Johns Hopkins Howard County Medical Center Black/African American & Allies Community of Change (BLAAACC) ERG

Contacts: Aminah Leekins and Chelai Green

All Children's Hospital Diaspora ERG & Allies

Contacts: Sheila Castle and Tiffanie Larrea

Illustrations of various diverse faces, representing the Hopkins Familia Employee Resource Group.

Hopkins Familia ERG & Allies

This ERG aims to increase awareness of Hispanic/ Latinx challenges, while promoting heritage and culture. Join the Hopkins Familia listserv, closed Facebook page, and/or Microsoft Teams.

Co-chairs: Wilson Lamy and Victor Hernandez Gomez

Suburban Hospital La Familia ERG & Allies

Co-chairs: Monica Sandoval

Illustrations of various diverse faces, representing the Hopkins Veterans' Employee Resource Group.

Hopkins Veterans ERG & Allies

The veterans ERG elevates awareness of veterans’ issues while providing a forum for our veterans and active duty workforce and family members to network. This ERG encourages our workforce veterans and allies to assist with the JHU/ JHM special assignments or projects by using their talents, skills and military experience. Join the Hopkins Veterans listserv.

Co-Chairs: Adler Archer, JD and Ken Barnes

All Children's Hospital Veterans ERG & Allies

Co-chairs: Alex Willoughby and Paul Danielson

API ERG Banner

Hopkins Asian & Pacific Islander (API) ERG & Allies

This ERG’s mission is to promote fairness, equity and support for the development of Asian and Pacific Islander employees and patients and to create networking and educational opportunities, facilitate communication, and foster synergy and sense of community for Asian and Pacific Islander employees, patients and the community. Join the Hopkins API listserv.

Co-Chair: Jeffrey Nguyen and Sophie Shi

Employees with Disabilities ERG & Allies

This ERG embraces and celebrates disability as an important and valued aspect of diversity and inclusion, while recognizing and raising awareness of the needs of the JHM disability community. Join the Employees with Disabilities ERG listserv



Hopkins LGBTQ+ ERG & Allies

This ERG’s mission includes creating and supporting initiatives that promote fairness and equity for the LGBTQ+ community, such as networking and educational opportunities that facilitate communication and improved services for the LGBTQ+ community and allies. Join the Hopkins LGBTQ+ listerv

Co-chairs: Matthew Werling and Dariel Peay

All Children’s Hospital LGBTQ+ ERG & Allies

Contact: Matthew Werling and Allegra Kartha

Johns Hopkins Bayview LGBTQ+ ERG & Allies

Contact: Rachel Moseley

Howard County General Hospital LGBTQ+ ERG & Allies

Contacts: Joshua Cartwright

Sibley Memorial Hospital LGBTQ+ ERG & Allies

Contacts: Ivy Hunt

Indigenous ERG & Relatives*

A group of employees who are First Nations, Indigenous, Native American and allies. Join the Indigenous ERG listserv.

Co-chairs: Emilyn Bauer Burns and  Loretta Grey Cloud

*Note: The term "Relatives" is more meaningful to the Indigenous community than "Allies." 

More Information

Our ERGs are currently meeting and hosting events virtually to practice physical distancing while facilitating participation across the enterprise. To join an ERG, email one of the co-chairs. If you would like to receive our weekly newsletter, click here to subscribe. Want to learn more about our ERGs? View: JHHS | HR Webinar | Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).