Disability Inclusion and Accessibility

A person with a disability is defined by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 as an individual who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, has a record of such an impairment.

Disability Inclusion and Accessibility Taskforce

Johns Hopkins Medicine Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity (JHM ODIHE) launched JHM’s first ever Disability Inclusion and Accessibility Task Force in October 2022. The purpose of the taskforce is to develop and implement policies and practices and educate Johns Hopkins Medicine about inclusion, accessibility, and equity for faculty, students, trainees, staff, and patients with disabilities. The task force guides the direction of organizational resources to increase accessibility and organizes events to promote disability inclusion.

Taskforce Goal(s):

  • Review policies and practices for inclusion, accessibility, and equity
  • Address ADA compliance issues
  • Develop policies (as needed)
  • Improve website accessibility
  • Integrate collection of patient self-identified disability and accommodations into MyChart and Kiosks
  • Ensure MyChart accessibility
  • Promote disability inclusion
  • Ensure and improve accessibility of facilities across JHM

Additional topics and content will be added as they become available. All video recordings are closed captioned to ensure accessibility. You will need to be logged into the Hopkins network to access the content.

Workgroups Workgroup Members
  • Alaysia Phillips (Health Equity Program Manager)
  • Charles Harris (Senior Administrative Coordinator)
  • Cheri Wilson (Program Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)
Website Accessibility
  • Audit JHM Websites for accessibility
  • Ensure websites are accessible
  • Brian Harder (Director of Strategic Web) Development and Services)
  • Kathy Cahill (IT Sr. Project Administrator) 
  • Chevaunne Edwards (Program Director of Experience Insights & Analytics)
  • Victoria Gabbai (Advanced Sr. IT Auditor)
Disability Accessibility and Inclusion in Policies
  • Define what inaccessibility looks like in policies across JHM
  • Review policies across JHM for accessibility, equity and inclusion
  • Cathie Axe (JHU Disability Officer)
  • Nicole Pannullo (Graduate Student)
  • Rhodora Osborn (Director of Organizational Equity)
  • Susana Velarde (Assistant Director of Operations, Language Services)
  • Alana Dennis (ADA/Accessibility Program Manager)
  • Aaron Hodukavich (JHU ADA Compliance Officer)
  • Carole Martens (Director of JHHS Facilities Management)
Disability Inclusion in Facilities
  • Ensure ADA compliance of facilities (i.e., signage, entrances/exits, equipment, etc.)
  • Susana Velarde (Assistant Director of Operations, Language Services)
  • Cathie Axe (Disability Officer)
  • Amber Murphy (Student Disability Services Administrator)
  • Nikki Schmitt (Sr. Education Specialist; JHM Employees with Disabilities ERG Member)
  • Deborah Sherman (Program Director, Nursing Administration)
  •  Alanna Dennis (ADA/Accessibility Program Manager)
  • Linda Bergofsky (Suburban PFAC Member)
  • Deborah Dopkin (Suburban PFAC Member)
  • Aaron Hodukavich (ADA Compliance Officer)
Awareness Workgroup
  • Provide educational opportunities that promote disability awareness
  • Dr. Stephanie Van (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician & Workgroup Lead)
  • Nicole Pannullo (Graduate Student)
  • Joan DeSoto (Sr. Instructional Designer)
  • Row Bowman (Nurse Navigator & Employees with Disability ERG Co-Chair Lead)
  • Avegrace Maraña (Training Specialist, Language Services)
  • Ellen Kaplan (Assistant Director, Learning Specialist)
  • Meghan Hummel (Assistant Director & Instructional Designer) 
  • Carole Martens (Director of Facilities Management)
  • Alanna Dennis (ADA/Accessibility Program Manager)
  • Dr. Daniel Krasna (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician)
  • Beth Thierer (Assistant Director of Worklife Programs)
  • Rhodora Osborn (Director of Organizational Equity)
  • Sara Shunkwiler (Instructional Designer)

Disability Education Resources

Disability is an intersectional, individualized experience, so no list can ever fully capture the experience of being disabled in America. We acknowledge that people are not resources - they are people. We share their website links, writings, scholarship, and lived experience with you here, but they are not objects for our consumption.

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