Dermatoimmunology Laboratory

We are glad to accept tissue specimens for Immunodermatology testing to render an original diagnosis. 

Tissue Processing for Direct Immunofluorescence Analysis

We offer full processing of tissue within Johns Hopkins through the Immunodermatology Laboratory. Immunofluorescence stains are examined under fluorescent microscopes by Immunodermatology Pathologists to render a diagnosis based on the samples stained with fluorescent dye. 

Once a diagnosis is rendered based on the slides, a report is generated electronically. A report is faxed to the referring physician with results once a final sign-off is given by the attending pathologist.

To receive requisitions and mailing supplies to submit specimens, please call 410-955-3484. We are glad to mail these supplies to referring physicians' offices and to coordinate mailing services.  You may also conveniently download requisitions for Dermatoimmunology original diagnosis from our website. We ask that you complete the requisition in its entirety to enhance patient safety and speed processing.

Mailing Fresh Tissue Samples

Fresh tissue samples (including the completed requisition) should be submitted by Federal Express (not regular mail) to:

Johns Hopkins Dermatoimmunology Lab
600 N. Wolfe Street, Blalock 918
Baltimore, MD 21287

Please ensure that fresh tissue samples are submitted in Michel's medium, and that the completed requisition is enclosed with each specimen. For patient safety reasons, please complete the requisition in its entirety, and ensure that the requisition information matches bottle labels exactly.


Please contact the Immunodermatology Laboratory Office with any questions about submitting specimens. 

Phone: 410-955-3484

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