About Us

Dermatologists at Johns Hopkins provide high quality care, ensuring patients receive the most advanced treatments available. Integrating diagnostic and therapeutic services, the Department of Dermatology offers comprehensive services to patients. Our teams emphasize patient care and also aim to perform world-class research and education, developing innovative methods and treatments.

Training new leaders is a priority in the Department of Dermatology, and a number of education programs are offered to medical students, residents and fellows. Working side by side with practitioners and clinical investigators, trainees are exposed to a diversity of skin disorders, diagnostic techniques and therapy options.

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Our Care Philosophy

Doctor speaking to patient

We believe that care should be personalized and provided for patients by not just one person, but by an entire team.  Our attending and resident physicians, fellows and staff all partner to ensure that patients’ needs are met and that collaborative solutions are pursued.   When not in the clinics seeing patients, our faculty members pursue research agendas and spend time teaching medical students and residents, thus fulfilling the Johns Hopkins missions of research, education and patient care.

Our team-based clinic sessions are designed to provide enhanced patient access and continuity of care in an innovative way.  Working as a care team, several attending physicians and resident physicians diagnose and treat patients with dermatological concerns, rotating coverage to provide consistent care. 

After each patient counter, a detailed review of the visit is documented in the electronic medical record, ensuring that whether the same doctor or a different doctor sees the patient next, the plan of care is available securely to the entire team. All doctors are available to see each other’s patients when necessary for acute concerns.  By having access to a number of physicians, patients’ individualized care plans are carried out by a group of experts.