Skilled Care at Home

When you or a loved one experiences an illness or injury, you may need extra care to aid recovery or improve quality of life. Johns Hopkins Care at Home has comprehensive skilled care services to support you in all areas. You receive the expert care you need, in the comfort and safety of your own home, allowing you to stay independent.

  • Nursing

    Our home health nurses provide expert care and teach you self-care strategies to help you recover from injury or illness or manage a chronic condition.

    Nurse sitting at table with patient in home
  • Therapy

    Our physical, occupational and speech therapists offer home therapy to help you regain strength and function while recovering from an illness, injury or surgery.

    Physician working with patient in home on therapy techniques
  • Wound and Ostomy Care

    Our certified wound and ostomy care nurses provide expert care and patient education when you need help at home for wound healing and ostomy management.

    Physician sitting next to patient on couch in home
  • Infusion Services

    Our highly trained pharmacists and infusion nurses provide medications and administer infusion therapy through an IV, in the comfort of your home or at one of our infusion suites.

    Physician talking to patient in wheel chair
  • Management of Complex Conditions

    Our specialized services for people living with multiple, chronic conditions help you manage your health at home, with education, tools and support for self-care.

    Physician sitting on couch with patient in home
  • Home Ventilator Services

    Our team provides home ventilator services to help you manage your respiratory condition from the comfort of home.

    closeup of a ventilator
  • Medication Management

    Our pharmacists can help you safely manage multiple medications, with details about proper doses, frequency and side effects.

    Physician and patient looking at tablet