Link to Care

Physician talking to patient

When you need help with the next steps of health services—whether going home from the hospital, getting assistance while visiting from out of town or finding end-of-life support—turn to the experienced team at Johns Hopkins Care at Home. We connect you with a wide range of health services and equipment in your home, long-term care facility or hospice center. We support your health needs—whenever and wherever you need us.


  • Home Care Coordination and Discharge Planning

    We arrange services, such as nursing, infusion and home medical equipment, to help you recover after a hospital stay, illness or injury.

  • International Care

    When you are traveling to receive care at Johns Hopkins, we provide skilled nursing and personal care services where you are staying.

  • Hospice Care

    We connect you with hospice care and provide hospice medical equipment to support end-of-life care with compassion.